Corel today announced the availability of WordPerfect® OfficeReady™ Solution Packs–a new collection of powerful and easy-to-use template packages that gives users a head start in creating a wide variety of home and business projects.

Starting at just $19.95 US, WordPerfect OfficeReady Solution Packs offer value-conscious consumers and small to medium-sized businesses a wide variety of easily customizable templates for projects ranging from home improvement plans, to business and financial reports, to visually appealing multimedia presentations. Each Solution Pack includes an instructional eBook that tells users about each template and how to get the most out of each Solution Pack.

WordPerfect OfficeReady Solution Packs are an ideal complement to WordPerfect Office 12, the value-priced, feature-rich alternative in the office suite market. Available for up to 63% less than the suggested retail price of Microsoft® Office, WordPerfect Office 12 is trusted by more than 18 million users worldwide.

“Today a growing number of users are turning to the Web in search of fresh content that will add impact to their business documents and home projects,” said Brett Denly, Corel’s Executive Vice President of World Wide Marketing.

“Corel is focused on providing our customers with the tools they need to be even more productive, whether at home or within their businesses. WordPerfect OfficeReady Solution Packs are a perfect example of how simple tools can make a significant impact on how our users present their ideas and improve their bottom line.”

“The office marketplace has changed dramatically in the past few years. Thanks to the Internet, office suite users expect compelling and professional-looking content to be available at their fingertips,” said Scott Tucker, Chief Technical Office of KMT software ( of Cambridge, MA, the world’s leading supplier of templates. “WordPerfect OfficeReady and WordPerfect OfficeReady Solution Packs were made expressly for these customers. Templates make life easier, and KMT is proud to be a supplier of templates for the trusted WordPerfect family of office suites.”

The WordPerfect OfficeReady Solution Pack Lineup

WordPerfect OfficeReady Solution Packs provide pre-formatted templates organized around the most popular tasks for home and business users:

*Business Essentials Solution Pack–Provides business-oriented templates ideal for small to medium-sized companies. This Solution Pack includes daily planners, budgets, planning and forecasting documents, sales and marketing analyses, and more.

*Home Essentials Solution Pack–Contains templates that allow users to create student presentations, letters, health and diet calculators, home office templates, and more. The Home Essentials Solution Pack provides an ideal complement to the new WordPerfect Office 12 Student and Teacher Edition.

*Stationery Solution Pack–Provides templates that help users save money by creating a complete set of stationery–including business cards, letterhead, envelopes, post cards, and more–in a variety of styles, all without the expense of outsourcing.

*Personal Finances Essentials Solutions Pack–Users can keep their financial affairs in order using this collection of templates for financial planning, budgeting and cash flow tracking.

*50 Great Presentation Masters Solution Pack–Offers an ideal collection of templates for anyone who needs to create unique and professional-looking multimedia presentations. Users can choose styles ranging from professional office and technology themes to fun and engaging sports or nature themes.

*Universal Calculator Solution Pack–Ideal for the active number-cruncher, this Solution Pack provides templates that make it easy to perform a variety of complex calculations. Universal Calculator templates assist with calculations related to area and shapes, health and leisure, home improvement, money, sports, weights and measures, and much more.

WordPerfect OfficeReady Solution Packs are designed to work with the WordPerfect OfficeReady template browser, a powerful tool for managing and previewing WordPerfect templates. The OfficeReady browser is available as a free download from Corel’s Website (, and is included on CD 2 of the new WordPerfect Office 12. The Solution Packs are also compatible with WordPerfect Office 11 and WordPerfect Family Pack 5.

Pricing and Availability
WordPerfect OfficeReady Solution Packs are priced from $19.95 U.S. ($24.95 CDN) to $49.95 U.S. ($54.95 CDN) and may be purchased online at