Cordys, The Enterprise Cloud Platform provider has announced it’s increasing its focus on Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and helping customers operate in the cloud. The company reports strong customer demand for PaaS and the need to leverage the cloud, with 70 percent of its deals over the past 12 months coming from enterprises and service providers demanding robust cloud capabilities. A roster of customers including Fujitsu, Clouditalia, Getronics, NCCW and Valeo use Cordys technology to operate effectively in the cloud, choosing Cordys for its ability and agility to help them get to the cloud faster.

Forrester research describes the PaaS market as “sprawling, fast-changing and immature” and recently named Cordys as a Strong Performer in its Wave report for Platform-as-a-Service. A leading single platform that empowers business operations to deliver automation, business process management, application development and system integration, Cordys Business Operation Platform (BOP) most importantly enables businesses to leverage the many advantages of operating in the cloud. The Cordys platform delivers power and flexibility, helping with software integration, BPM and application development. Its robust PaaS strengthens Cordys’ value to businesses that need to operate, provision or provide services in the cloud.

“Our recent successes with a series of customers prove our investment in cloud technology aligns with the needs of companies looking to leverage the cloud,” said Cordys CEO Art Landro. “The majority of customers Cordys won over the past 12 months are businesses and service providers that want to quickly move to the cloud and recognized Cordys as the perfect fit. Our Business Operations Platform has so much power and agility that it helps with integration, BPM and application development, but it’s consistently our PaaS ability that seals the deal.”

Cordys BOP enables organizations that want to shift part or all of their business operations into the cloud to empower employees; reap the benefits of speed, collaboration and automation; and greatly improve productivity, decrease cost and increase revenue. Cordys BOP enables services providers to greatly broaden their cloud service offerings and provisioning capabilities to uniquely position themselves in the fast growing and increasingly crowded cloud market.

Improving Business Operations for Enterprises
Enterprises use Cordys to take their business to the cloud quickly and with minimal risk. With solutions for enterprise mashups, operations intelligence, legacy modernization and more, companies can leverage existing IT and gain significant advantages such as:

diversified revenue opportunities,

robust customer service,

business and IT cost reduction,

improved operational speed and flexibility, and
On-demand scalability.

Customers including Valeo and Mercer already use Cordys to connect cloud services to their on-premise IT applications.

“We have begun leveraging a cloud infrastructure with Cordys in order to more closely integrate with our clients across corporate boundaries,” said Mike Mordas, Global CIO of Outsourcing for Mercer.

Enabling Cloud and IT Operations for Service Providers
With Cordys, service providers and corporate IT departments can take their customers to the cloud, evolve into cloud brokers, provision and manage high-value cloud services and offer PaaS and Software as a Service (SaaS) capabilities.

“Fujitsu is strategically investing in cloud computing and we chose Cordys’ BOP platform as an important part of our cloud strategy that will fulfill the needs to enhance our capabilities in the cloud,” said Mr. Sanya Uehara, Corporate Vice President and Executive Vice President Software Integration Business at Fujitsu.

Fujitsu, Clouditalia, and Getronics adopted Cordys to integrate and orchestrate a portfolio of cloud services for their customers.

“We chose the Cordys platform because it allows us to create flexible solutions developed in direct response to customer needs,” commented Mark De Simone, CEO, Clouditalia. “Cordys not only provides a sound foundation for Clouditalia’s operations but also extends our offering to include new cloud-based products and services.”