It’s one competition that channel partners simply cannot afford to loose. If you go by just the stories you hear every day, it may seem like the hackers have the upper hand. However, there are a lot more attacks that are silently being prevented every day.

This cat and mouse game is never ending because the hackers are getting smarter and becoming more innovative. Being one step ahead or no more than one step behind may be the best anyone can hope for.

November is Cyber Security month for eChannelNEWS. You will find lots of vendors with awesome cyber security solutions and insights. It’s free to browse and subscribe to “The Daily Breach” news column. If you are only looking to add some layers of security, then this is a good place to explore.

On November 25th starting at 12:30 PM (EST) and ending at 5:00 PM (EST), we will be capping off the month with a ChannelNEXT virtual event on Cyber Security. All channel professionals interested in the topic are welcome to attend for FREE!

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Why attend this event?

Honestly, with the tsunami of virtual events happening on top of the pandemic, it’s not easy to decide anything. With over 2,000 vendors offering solutions in the Cyber Security space, navigating this fast-moving landscape can be a daunting challenge! That said, we may be worth your time because we are constantly reviewing and curating IT content without any bias.

The cool news is that once you register to the event, you can attend live and/or get access to the recorded content to view later! The choice is yours and it does not matter how you prefer to consume the content.

Here are a few highlights of what you will get if you attend on November 25:

WEBROOT’s deep insights into building out the right security practice for channel partners and their customers. Since WEBROOT (and others like Carbonite) were acquired by OpenText, their combined value proposition to channel partners has gone off the charts. They are bringing a well oiled on-boarding and provisioning security business practice to the channel (on top of everything else they offer).

HP will talk about what they are doing with the channel to protect everyone from cyber attacks. Many don’t think of big hardware vendors as Cyber Security experts, but they are! They are doing lots of things to protect their devices and networks.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simply red key on the keyboard that you can press anytime to remove all malware and get back to work like nothing happened 😁

You will meet and discover several other security vendors, but that’s just half of the reasons to attend…

You will get deep insights into PEN testing your company’s network to see if/how hackers could gain access to you and/or your clients. This is the best way to test your cyber security protection strength and identify gaps.

Find out if you are truly capable of offering cyber security protection and about the liabilities of faking it until you make it. Find out how to test your clients if they are legally compliant and what’s missing to do this right.

Learn about Cyber Attack insurance and what you need to know to protect yourself and your clients.

See what SOC providers are offering the channel so you can decide if you want to build in-house or outsource. Some SOCs will actually help you to build out your in-house SOC! It’s an important decision because the consequences can be disastrous for you and your clients, if you do not nail this one down.

Where are the hot spots in cyber attacks in the new remote work from anywhere World? Where are we headed? What tools can help you mediate the risks? Experts will dig into this!

What can you do to hire and retain cyber security professionals during this period when the global demand has overwhelmed the supply? What to do in the mean time if you can’t?

Explore a new book called “Real Results in a Virtual Economy” that can be personalized by channel partners to actually close more sales. At the every least, you will want to read the book to see how it connect the dots back to the need for cyber security and channel partners!

Building a better Security Stack. Explore if you have any gaps and learn how to fill them. Today, leading cyber security organizations leverage about 8 layers of technologies to protect customers. Even so, breaches still happen. The sweet spot is building the right technology layers and combining with the right testing, monitoring and hunting.

We will also talk about the biggest problem in cyber attacks. Human behaviors. We will show solutions for you to help your clients’ employees get educated to become an integral part of the cyber security prevention force.

As usual, we will showcase the best solutions and experts to deliver the right content in each of these areas and open up the discussion to answer your questions!

We will be wrapping this up with our usual freestyle social networking experience as attendees meet each other to see where it leads! It’s amazing to see what happens when you bring together like-minded people into a virtual room with no rules :o).

Reserve your seat now!