Computer Associates International, Inc. today announced new releases of AllFusion 2E and AllFusion Plex, two of its life cycle management solutions. IT organizations can now deliver next-generation business applications more quickly and cost effectively by enabling developers to rapidly generate Web services and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) from existing application designs.

CA’s AllFusion Plex, a multi-platform, model-based, architected rapid application development tool, uses advanced pattern technology to automate development for Windows, J2EE and IBM i5/OS environments. It insulates developers from the underlying architectural complexities of programming standards and specifications – accelerating time-to-market while ensuring the efficiency and quality of the application development. Enhancements in AllFusion Plex r5.5 include the ability to create business logic components that can be exposed as Web services or components to .NET-based applications, the import of COM components into application designs, and the generation of RPG IV code for the IBM eServer iSeries.

“The addition of Web services and EJBs to the already powerful capabilities of AllFusion Plex underscores CA’s dedication to delivering solutions that enable developers to embrace emerging technologies while supporting existing IT environments,” said John D. Rhodes, principal architect for the Advanced Development Center of Austin (ADC of Austin), which recently worked with Indiana University Foundation and Texas A&M University’s TEEX organization to develop AllFusion Plex-based solutions. “We will continue using AllFusion Plex as a strategic platform for cost-effectively providing our customers with the state-of-the-art systems they require to succeed in an information-intensive business environment.”

CA’s AllFusion 2E is an end-to-end, model-driven development environment that automatically generates all the code, database designs and definitions, help text, and other objects necessary to build 5250 applications for IBM iSeries. It provides model-based development, comprehensive change management tools, and full life cycle support to accelerate development and ensure the quality and performance of business applications. The new release, AllFusion 2E r8.1, includes trigger programs that simplify development projects and a Web enablement option that allows iSeries sessions to be instantly run through a browser. Developers can automatically generate i5/OS applications as well as EJBs for the J2EE environment, and they can also create and consume Web services.

“The Web enablement option of AllFusion 2E r8.1 is great for quickly making applications accessible via the Internet, since all existing functionality is preserved and no developer retraining is required,” said Robert Martin, president of CPU, a consulting company that has delivered high-performance systems to large clients for more than ten years. “AllFusion 2E r8.1, with its EJB option for creating Web services, is definitely our tool-of-choice.”

“CA’s field-proven development environments continue to evolve in step with evolving customer requirements such as Web services support and EJBs,” said Aline Gerew, vice president of product development at CA. “By continuing to invest in our AllFusion solutions, CA is enabling thousands of developers worldwide to keep moving forward using their existing skill sets.”