Borland Software today announced Borland® Delphi™ 2005, previously codenamed “Diamondback” and the newest version of Borland’s Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment for Windows® and .NET applications. Delphi 2005 combines Win32, .NET, Delphi and C# support all within one environment, significantly advances developer and team productivity and integrates with Borland’s leading Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions.

“Delphi 2005 is the most significant release of Delphi in years and one of the most complete Windows IDE and ALM development systems in the market today,” said George Paolini, vice president and general manager of developer tools at Borland. “It is also directly in line with Borland’s vision for Software Delivery Optimization, helping development teams improve the predictability and success of software projects so they can be delivered on time, within budget and with maximize business value.”

Delphi 2005 not only supports multiple languages and both Win32 and .NET SDKs, it also includes a host of innovative developer and team productivity enhancements, such as code refactoring, unit testing and the new ECO II (Enterprise Core Objects) model-powered enterprise business application framework for .NET. In addition, it enables development teams to maintain and enhance existing Windows applications, while leveraging new opportunities.

“Borland understands the pressure on today’s Windows development teams to support existing applications while moving forward with new technologies, all in the context of shorter delivery cycles and often shrinking resources,” said Michael Swindell, director of product management for developer tools at Borland. “Delphi 2005 offers the capabilities that developers need to speed the development and maintenance process for both existing and next generation Windows applications.”

Delphi 2005 delivers the Windows languages, Win32 and .NET SDKs, ALM integrations and developer productivity enhancements that modern Windows developers need today. Using Delphi 2005, developers may both advance Win32 applications and move ahead with .NET and ASP.NET.

Succeed Corporation is an Arizona-based company that has used Delphi for nearly 10 years to create management products and services for small to mid-sized businesses. Using Delphi exclusively, the company created AuctionBlast to help sellers expand their market reach through the eBay online marketplace, and it has already become one of Succeed’s most popular offerings.

“We have had incredible success using Delphi for software development,” said Omar Sayed, CEO of Succeed Corporation. “We expect the new features in Delphi 2005 to help us speed development and maximize our existing investments and skills, while making the most of emerging business opportunities like eBay’s powerful Web services platform.”

Below are some of the most significant Delphi 2005 enhancements:

*Supports multiple languages and Windows SDKs – Delphi 2005 delivers the languages and SDK support needed for modern Windows development. Supporting both Delphi and C# development, it is the only true Windows offering that supports native Win32 and .NET development from the same tool and the same language (Delphi). It also supports ASP.NET, ADO.NET, VCL.NET and VCL for Win32.

*Integrates ALM solutions – Delphi 2005 is designed to offer developers insight into multiple phases of the application lifecycle with StarTeam® and Optimizeit™ integration. StarTeam integration is designed to simplify the management of source code resources and improve team communication, while the inclusion of Optimizeit Profiler for .NET can help automate unit testing and improve overall application quality and performance.

*Enables rapid enterprise MDA development – Delphi 2005’s ECO II provides an enterprise-class rapid Model Driven Architecture (MDA) solution for .NET to speed development, improve quality and increase the maintainability of complex applications. ECO II is a complete solution for diagramming and creating objects automatically and provides a highly scalable .NET object cache with advanced enterprise object capabilities such as undo/redo, persistence, versioning and transactions.

*Simplifies and speeds Windows development – Delphi 2005 includes a host of innovative IDE features to help improve the day-to-day developer experience, boosting productivity and streamlining code maintenance. Features include advanced code refactoring, Help Insights and Error Insights, SyncEdit, History Management and new Delphi language enhancements. In addition, RAD for ADO.NET is designed to speed and simplify every aspect of developing database connected .NET applications with either Delphi or C#.

“Development teams are looking for tools and platforms that will not only make their lives easier, but are also robust and flexible enough to accommodate changing business requirements,” said Mark Driver, vice president of research at Gartner, Inc. “The ability to accelerate development, improve communication and productivity and provide control over the application lifecycle offers great benefits, whether you’re a 1000-person development organization or a small five-person team.”

Delphi 2005 is expected to ship in November 2004. Three versions are expected to be available – Borland Delphi Architect for model-driven application development; Borland Delphi Enterprise for teams building enterprise-class database applications; and Borland Delphi Professional for individuals building Web and GUI applications. Delphi 2005, available in English, French, German and Japanese, can be purchased directly through the Borland sales force, online at and through select partners.