Today, BlueShark Technologies announced its entrance into the rapidly growing and attractive thin client appliance marketplace. Industry analysts project that this market will continue to grow at rates of over 22% per annum over the next few years.

Tony Giovaniello, BlueShark president, said, “The technology applied in this market is primarily standards based. This has helped to fuel the growth in this market. As standards become more mature, the general trust and appeal for these solutions expands. During the early stages of a developing market, the typical customer is an “early adopter.” As markets begin to mature, and the technology is proven and becomes more broadly accepted, mainstream customers want more than the benefits of the technology. They also expect basic business fundamentals that are needed for solid and successful, long-term business relationships with their technology providers. In essence, that’s where BlueShark derives its opportunity to be a key player in this market!”

The BlueShark team is comprised of experienced veterans from the desktop display market, both in Thin Clients and Text Terminals that understand the products and the customers’ needs. They also bring high volume manufacturing and supply chain management expertise, and have a history of attaining very high levels of customer satisfaction while running programs at AT&T, NCR, ADDS, Boundless, and Solectron, all companies known for strong relationship building.

BlueShark also announced today, the immediate availability of its first three (3) products, all members of its new Apriza™ family. The products are the Apriza™ 5300, the Apriza™ 5310, and the Apriza™ 5500. The term “Apriza” comes from the Spanish word, “Aprisa” which means quick, fast, and sharp, which also ties to the Company’s tag line, “Moving Fast. Looking Sharp.” All of these products are based on a proven embedded Linux operating system and support all the connection types you would expect from a “state of the art” thin client appliance. The 5300 and 5310 are based on the 400MHz VIA Eden Processor, and the 5500 is based on a lightning fast 1 GHz VIA C3 LP Processor. The company expects to introduce four (4) additional models, based on Windows Embedded technology before the end of May.

BlueShark president Tony Giovaniello, also commented, “In this growing market, suppliers that can execute the business model with operations excellence, while maintaining the highest level of customer intimacy, will emerge as the market leaders. The time is right for the entrance of a company like BlueShark. We will raise the bar on what customers can expect from their supplier partners!”