Oyco Systems Inc., a provider of user solutions for web-based technology, announced today that it is launching the first-ever web portal to offer true messaging convergence and the ability to simplify different web services by consolidating them into a single web-based viewing area. How many different ways do people message each other? Voice mail on business phones, email on cell phones, and three different emails: work, Hotmail and Yahoo. Don’t forget text messages, personal websites and web blogs.

Oyco streamlines all communication into one simple portal. Combining both online and offline methods of information gathering and communication, Oyco takes any messages (SMS text messages, e-mail, voice record, video email & conferencing) worldwide and re-directs it through a central portal into one or multiple locations of your choice. Allowing the web user to send and receive all messages from one web-based desktop. The web user who used to juggle various Internet accounts or different Hot Mail, Google, Yahoo accounts can now access all their information from one website, on any web-enabled device, anywhere in the world. Oyco allows you to personally gather these sites and services into a single easy to navigate website.

The company is launching its first product, Oyco Personal in September 2005. The launch is backed by market research conducted by the independent research firm, Sensus Research Inc.*, which revealed:

· 47.5% of 18-30 year old computer users were currently paying for Internet services and are paying monthly fees using credit cards.

· 90% of 18-30 year old computer users had two or more email addresses.

· High-speed connections were the norm for this web savvy bunch and the most popular web-based service is MSN Messenger.

· 59% indicated they were very likely or somewhat likely to subscribe to Oyco with a 30-day free trial at a fee of $5 per month.

Paul Cross, OYCO, President, “Our market research indicates that if we can capture 100,000 subscribers in three years, we will reach revenues of $8 million. It’s exciting to be the first to launch this type of web-based service.”

Oyco will be unveiling Oyco Professional and Oyco Application Suite in Winter of 2005.