The World is spending Millions of dollars for various forms of cyber protection and yet cyber-attacks of all kinds still are still getting through. Why is that?

One of the key reasons is lack of visibility deep within the data stream. Traditional methods were designed in a “Static” method. They take a snap shot and that is it. Barrier1 was designed with a “Dynamic” approach. In other words, Barrier1, through its deep sensor based approach, can look not only deep but the relationship between the connections. Then, with it sub second inspection and reaction design, Barrier1 can alert you and your staff of suspicious activity before you become compromised.

This is the type real-time information that you need know about your network to protect your data. What if your current security stack is allowing intrusions to pass through the cracks? How do you even know if your current security stack is actually preventing all of the attacks? Are you sure that you have not already been breached?

With Barrier1 Venerability Monitoring-as-a-Service, you will know the answers to these questions. The system will provide comprehensive reports that you can review to see exactly if or where your system is currently being breached. It is also a great way to validate your current security protection solution.

This is a monitoring services only. It provides the report so you can know the facts and take the appropriate action to patch your weaknesses. Of course, if you would like fix the problems, you can simply add the Barrier1 protection to your security stack. They work with all types of security vendors and is transparent.

While no one can ever 100% guarantee that no hacker will be able to breach your network, with Barrier1 you will now have the last mile of deeper AI protection that hackers will be extremely challenged to penetrate, if ever. Every day, Barrier1 is improving their AI and Deep Learning to be more steps ahead of the hackers!

For just $99.00 (USD) per month, Barrier1 and the “Intelligent Threat Management” design will provide a Network Monitoring Service for security vulnerabilities. Give you visibility and peace of mind. To learn more or sign up please go to