Meeting the demand for operating system choice and the popular Linux format, B3 Computers, Inc. entered into an agreement with Sun Microsystems to deliver the Java™ Desktop System with B3’s custom system offerings.

“By offering the Sun Java™ Desktop System, our customers will have greater choice in system configurations, and will realize enormous benefits from this stable, adaptable platform,” B3 President Fred Schlaffer said. “Our goal is always to provide solutions for our customers that meet their needs and desires, and our working together helps this us in meeting that objective.”

The Sun Java Desktop System provides familiar GNOME-based desktop appearances and file manager views, making it easy to learn and use immediately. Interoperable with Microsoft Office files and existing Windows desktops, Sun Java Desktop System features the StarOffice™ Suite, Web browser, Email client, the Java 2 Platform, Adobe® Acrobat Reader and a broad array of system administrator controls.

“The Sun Java Desktop System is ideally suited for the businesses looking for a comprehensive and secure desktop alternative,” said Greg Wolff, Marketing Director, Java Desktop System at Sun. “By working with B3, we are able to provide computer resellers with a white-box solution based on a desktop environment equipped with the latest in open source software.”

B3, whose robust testing facilities will allow a quick turnaround on new configurations, has begun shipping the Sun products with its line of notebooks.

The Sun Java Desktop System bolsters B3’s already impressive line of products and services. B3’s built-to-order, high-quality desktop, notebook and server computer systems are complemented by an ever growing offering of software and peripherals. “This opens another opportunity to offer alternative solutions to our clients,” said Lawrence Miller, a solution provider from Los Angeles. “We can provide a complete system with StarOffice at a fraction of the cost giving me an advantage over my competition.”

B3 Computers, traditionally a leading custom system manufacturer, is emerging as a specialized distributor offering a wide array of system configurations, peripherals and services to the VAR community. Based in Marquette in Michigan’s upper peninsula, B3 was named one of the fastest- growing System Builders by CRN magazine. As B3 looks to expand in new strategic categories, its collective buying power allows smaller solution providers to compete with larger direct computer sellers in targeting small to medium businesses.

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