Autodesk, Inc. announced today new solutions that help local governments and public works agencies create, manage, and share their CAD, GIS, and engineering information in a single, open-standards, Oracle-based environment for seamless integration. By extending the user’s ability to integrate data types and share the information across organizations – from planning to design to operation and maintenance of infrastructure assets – the solutions ensure accuracy, precision, and data integrity are maintained, ultimately increasing user productivity and decreasing project costs.
“Unlike competitive solutions that require costly, complex customizations that take years to implement, we are offering large and small enterprises a simple-to-use, affordable solution with an open environment that gets them up and running quickly, and continues to leverage their existing investments in all types of data,” said Chris Bradshaw, vice president of Autodesk’s Infrastructure Solutions Division. “Customers no longer have to create in a CAD or design area, export the data into a GIS system for management and then try, often unsuccessfully, to re-import it into the originating system.”

The Autodesk Local Government/Public Works Solution includes individual application modules, such as sewer, water, cadastral, drainage, electricity, roads, and map books for infrastructure data capture and management. The modules are built on Autodesk Map®, Autodesk MapGuide®, and Autodesk® Land Desktop software, allowing Autodesk users to expand on their current software investment, rather than abandoning familiar software and processes. The solution is integrated with an Oracle® database. Modules work together or as stand-alone software, delivering to users the specific functionality they need. The modules provide a common set of tools for maintaining, editing, and distributing data, while ensuring data accuracy, regardless of format.

“To reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and improve security, government organizations need to address e-government demands and public expectations while consolidating IT infrastructure,” added Bradshaw.

“Proprietary software that locks up information is not the best way to meet these goals, nor is converting the design information with programs that reduce its precision. The Oracle database underlying Autodesk solutions offers an ideal solution by providing a central repository for all data types and formats used in planning, designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining infrastructure. Enter data into the project database once, and it is reused downstream beyond the immediate deliverable.”

Partnership with Munsys Technologies, Ltd.

In order to offer these solutions, Autodesk collaborated with Munsys Technologies, Ltd., a long-time Autodesk partner and a provider of enterprise spatial solutions for local governments and utilities.  Together, Autodesk and Munsys combine important features that they once offered separately to local government and public works agencies. Customers will now receive leading-edge Munsys technology built for local governments, running on the industry-standard Autodesk technology that they know. The solutions are supported and delivered by Autodesk and its authorized reseller channel, ensuring support for installation, training, and success of the solution.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with Autodesk in the local government space. Our products run exclusively on Autodesk’s platform technology, allowing us to focus on what we know best – the specific needs of local government – while knowing we are building on the best available technology,” says Chris Tolken, founder of Munsys. “Customers who have faced challenges of proprietary data exchange and stranded departments or silos of effort can now have a more effective solution that aligns with their normal workflow.”

“As a leader in the engineering and consulting industry, Schoor DePalma, Inc. is always looking for methods and tools to improve our practices,” said Steven Ross, vice president of New Jersey-based Schoor DePalma, Inc. “Autodesk’s new local government and public works software offers us the solution we need to simplify the process and improve efficiencies so that we are able to concentrate on our business of solving our customers problems. As a long-time Autodesk customer, we have complete trust in their expertise and support, and look forward to fully implementing the new solution.”


Autodesk Local Government/Public Works solutions, including the solutions offered with Munsys, are available in the United States and Canada, and can be purchased through Autodesk Authorized Resellers (

Autodesk Subscription and Consulting Add Value to Software Investment

When combined with Autodesk® Subscription, Autodesk local governments/public works solutions deliver the easiest way to keep design tools and learning up to date. For an annual fee, users get the latest version of Autodesk local government/public works solutions, web support direct from Autodesk, self-paced training options, and a broad range of other technology and business benefits. For more information, contact your Autodesk Authorized Reseller or visit

Additionally, Autodesk Consulting offers services that can help streamline business processes and help customers get the best possible return on their investment in Autodesk technology. For more information about Autodesk Consulting, including integrated consulting and training, see