Updated OS X Panther drivers for our ExpressPCI Ultra320 and Ultra3 SCSI host adapters are now available. Released concurrently is an updated version of the ATTO Configuration Tool. This utility helps users customize the settings of their ExpressPCI SCSI host adapters, maximizing the performance of their storage connection. It may also be used to verify the drivers and flash files currently in use and update the flash, as necessary. Together, this driver and application provide our customers with a high-performance, superior product. ATTO continues to be the ONLY vendor providing comprehensive support for SCSI host adapters on the Mac OS X platform, including Jaguar and Panther installations.

This new driver release provides up to a 40% performance increase on Writes and over 20% improvement on Reads over earlier releases. In addition to ATTO’s performance improvements, this new driver release adds important capabilities to ATTO products not found in comparable competitive products. Using the newest configuration tool and drivers, customers will now be able to dynamically rescan the SCSI bus when new devices are added or removed. Frequently, application work flow or technical requirements require that storage devices be removed or added to the SCSI bus.

Previously, this required users to reboot their computer system to allow the SCSI bus to be re-scanned in order for devices that had been added or removed to be properly recognized.

Dynamic bus rescan can now be completed on-the-fly without time-consuming reboots. This allows users to increase the time they can spend on revenue-generating projects, as well as facilitating more convenient work flow environments. Rescan capabilities can be invoked from the ATTO Configuration Tool ‘Advanced’ tab.

The ATTO Configuration Tool helps users customize the settings of ATTO SCSI host adapters to maximize the performance of their storage connection. While the factory settings on host adapters provide excellent performance for a wide range of applications, some specialized applications may benefit from modification of the settings to tune the adapter for a specific performance range. The ATTO Configuration Tool provides a tool to help users tune their host adapter.

The ATTO Configuration Tool v2.61 and ExpressPCI device driver v3.10, are now available for download on the ATTO website.