Atera, a remote-first IT management company helping businesses transform as the world continues to adapt to a flexible work model, announced Atera Plus, an AI-based infrastructure enhancing the company’s leading IT solutions. With Atera Plus, Atera now automatically classifies, prioritizes and routes tickets with on-point categorization. These comprehensive solutions are designed to automatically sort, filter and solve issues, all while saving MSPs and IT professionals time and reducing human error. 

“New use cases for AI-based IT solutions continue to emerge in the IT industry and by being the first IT provider to launch these kinds of AI-based features with Atera Plus, we are doubling down on our commitment to deliver innovative solutions that make our customers stronger”, said Gil Pekelman, CEO of Atera. “We’re excited to continue bringing new and revolutionary AI-based tools to the platform and helping our customers evolve their businesses.” 

The release of the new AI-based solutions builds on Atera’s proven track record of delivering intuitive products that help MSPs and IT professionals streamline and simplify their IT services. Hours of manually reviewing, assigning and completing tasks are eliminated with new functionality, including: real-time triaging, ticket deflection featuring reply automation, and load analysis. Additional solutions to be rolled out soon, include: script automation and solutions recommendations. 

The AI-based system automatically tags tickets created from manual queries, emails, customer portals and more, labeling them with relevant tags based on the issue that needs to be handled. These AI capabilities also keep tickets organized and cataloged by using machine learning to read, analyze and describe the action required. The ticket deflection solutions save MSP and IT technicians even more time by enabling the configuration of automatic replies to common tickets with the correct answer, and automatically performing the necessary action via a script that solves the problem. 

These solutions reduce time spent by up to 30%, allowing technicians to prioritize more complex issues and ensure business operations are never impacted by IT-related issues. With more upcoming features planned, including automatic script execution and script recommendations, this launch marks Atera’s first step in putting its new AI capabilities into practice.

This AI innovation comes on the heels of Atera’s recent $77 million Series B and half-billion-dollar valuation. As a remote-first IT management company serving more than 8,000 customers in over 90 countries, Atera is uniquely positioned to develop solutions that enable businesses to compete in the new flexible-first working environment. 

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