Ascentis announces the addition of HROffice Compliance Advisor to the HROffice product line and offers customers a resource for automating compliance procedures.

According to the USCD “Connect’s Benchmark Data for HRO Measurement” an average of 450 employment lawsuits are filed in the U.S. every day, and 57% of companies have been named as defendants in at least one employment-related lawsuit in the past five years.

Charles D’Ambrosia, CEO of Ascentis says, “Compliance violations today don’t only afflict irresponsible organizations. Compliance with Federal and State regulations involves a mind-boggling array of topics and it’s easy to accidentally miss something. Depending on the size of your company OSHA, FLSA, FICA, HIPAA, SOX, ADA, COBRA, FMLA, and EEO-1 may be just a small number of compliance issues you face. All of these issues have minutely detailed requirements, many of which are open to individual interpretation. And, they all have severe penalties for infraction.”

D’Ambrosia continues, “It is a never-ending, full-time task to keep up with these requirements, ensure corporate compliance, and follow the required reporting procedures. HROffice Compliance Advisor will help our customers manage this aspect of their job.”

HROffice Compliance Advisor leads users through over 100 critical HR topics – online – to reveal an organization’s unique areas of risk. The user is provided with the necessary tools and functionality needed to assist with proper communication, documentation, reporting, security, privacy, and other issues related to compliancy. HROffice Compliance Advisor automatically combines responses with company information to create a comprehensive, prioritized “To Do” list with detailed recommendations highlighting a company‚s specific HR needs.