Sony Ericsson accessories reach a
new stage of evolution today with the launch of three handsfree sets that
make it extremely easy to use mobile phones and other devices in a
diversity of environments. An all-new Bluetooth(TM) headset, a car
handsfree for ultra-safe call handling while driving, and a fast-action
portable handsfree all use the latest technologies to provide fast,
stable, handsfree call handling.

Bluetooth(TM) Headset HBH-610
Making calls using Bluetooth(TM) headsets in noisier environments is
painless thanks to the superior audio quality delivered by the HBH-610.
It combines the latest version Bluetooth(TM) 2.0 with automatic volume
adjustment, digital echo cancellation and noise reduction to ensure a
stable connection and outstanding sound quality. New Digital Signal
Processing allows the headsets to be used with Bluetooth(TM)-enabled
devices such as PDAs and PCs, so great quality audio from Bluetooth(TM)
headsets is no longer confined to mobile phones. The HBH-610 is stylish,
lightweight and comfortable to wear, delivering up to 6.5 hours’ talk time
and up to 13 days’ standby, and can be personalized with a selection of
Style-Up(TM) covers. The HBH-610 will be available during Q3 2005.

Bluetooth(TM) Car Handsfree HCB-700
The latest Sony Ericsson Car Handsfree is designed for safety, enabling
the driver to manage calls without diverting their attention from the
traffic. Brand new Voice Digit Dialing adds to conventional voice dialing
and calls the number automatically when the user says the digits out
loud. The info display is mounted at dashboard level, so the driver can
see who’s calling with the minimum of eye movement, and the control unit
is positioned close to hand if the address book or call list needs to be
referred to. There’s no need to think about connecting the phone to the
kit when getting into the car as the phone connects automatically to the
HCB-700 when the ignition key is turned. As well as its focus on safety,
this kit will also appeal for its good looks; a stylish addition to any
car interior, the display can be configured to match the dashboard
lighting. The HBH-700 will be available during Q3 2005.

Portable Handsfree HPS-60
This sporty-looking portable handsfree for the latest Sony Ericsson phones
is so comfortable that it’s easy to forget it is being worn. An ideal
companion to an active, busy lifestyle, the sturdy yet flexible ear hook
fits snugly around the ear and a choice of three supplied Style-Up(TM)
covers provides an excellent way to personalise this stylish device. The
HPS-60 fits with the Sony Ericsson K750, S600, Z520 and W800 Walkman
phone. The HPS-60 will be available during Q2 2005.