Agilix Labs, Inc., a Microsoft® Empower ISV Partner, announces the delivery of FranklinCovey TabletPlanner™ 3.0 to strategic partner FranklinCovey®. TabletPlanner is a custom- developed software solution that combines Agilix note-taking, storage, and search technology with FranklinCovey’s productivity and planning methodology. The second upgrade in 12 months, FranklinCovey TabletPlanner 3.0 provides mobile information workers with a productivity and planning tool that integrates with Microsoft Office Outlook 2003.

TabletPlanner runs on any Windows XP-based computer (including the Tablet PC); adds PowerNotes™, an updated and comprehensive note-taking application supporting digital ink or text via keyboard entry, and proprietary FranklinCovey productivity and planning solutions, including support for Mission/Values, Goals, and Weekly Compass.

“Agilix continues to innovate quickly and has worked closely with FranklinCovey to provide a solution that includes the core productivity and planning methodology taught in our training workshops, including FOCUS: Achieving Your Highest Priorities,” says Jeff Anderson, Vice President of Technology Products at FranklinCovey.

“TabletPlanner is one of the few applications that everyone understands and can use immediately,” says Curt Allen, President and CEO of Agilix. “Mobile executives, sales professionals, small business owners, students and educators, IT professionals, researchers, and government employees save time and find increased productivity as TabletPlanner provides a single, integrated application. Unlike other niche or vertical applications on the Tablet PC, TabletPlanner has wide appeal and continues to be recognized as a ‘killer application’ regardless of industry.”

“Pen-Perfect” Application

Agilix builds on Microsoft’s vision for Windows XP® Tablet PC Edition by providing applications that provide ubiquitous digital ink support. “Microsoft is delighted that Agilix is continuing to develop innovative Tablet PC applications,” says Andrew Dixon, director of marketing in the Tablet PC Business Unit at Microsoft. “With the release of TabletPlanner 3.0, Agilix has once again demonstrated their ability to fully leverage the Tablet PC platform and deeply integrate pen, ink, and handwriting recognition. This is an excellent example of a ‘pen-perfect’ application which helps customers realize the potential of the Tablet PC.”

Tablet PC hardware manufacturers also find that Agilix-developed applications like TabletPlanner demonstrate the full functionality and power of Tablet PCs. “Agilix provides an application that shows how Tablet PCs can keep information workers productive while mobile,” says Naila Seif, Director of Mobile Solutions, Personal Systems Group, HP. “TabletPlanner is a powerful solution that mobile professionals can use at their desk, in the conference room, or in the field in front of customers.”

Key Enhancements Found in TabletPlanner 3.0

TabletPlanner shows its maturity as a third-generation product and consistently wins the praise of users. “TabletPlanner 3.0 delivers a note- taking solution worthy of replacing my paper note system, but the true power is unveiled as you use the complete solution offered,” says Brent Harman Director of Vulnerability Management at BindView Corporation, a leading provider of proactive business policy, IT security and directory management software. “TabletPlanner lets me put everything in one system, integrates my work calendar found in Microsoft Outlook, and provides me with near limitless ways to organize, search, and share all types of information I use in my professional or personal life.”

Major enhancements included in TabletPlanner 3.0:
* Keep appointments, tasks, and contacts in sync with Microsoft Office
Outlook 2003 or Microsoft® Exchange® 2003.
* Use TabletPlanner on any Windows XP-based computers or Tablet PC
* Create text-based or digital-ink notes with PowerNotes™ technology, a
comprehensive note-taking solution that provides new keyboard entry and
text input support, including font formatting, easy drag and drop of
text, bullets, image support, plus enhanced digital ink support.
* Annotate, search, and store any document in a virtual document filing
system, including Microsoft Office 2003 applications (Word, Excel,
PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio,), Adobe Acrobat, web pages, e-mail, and most
every application.
* Share notes and collaborate with co-workers, even if they don’t use
* Increase productivity with FranklinCovey’s Mission/Values, Goals,
Compass, and Weekly Planning principles.
* Organize unlimited notes in familiar and customizable tab and folder
* Personalize the colors and experience with “skins”


TabletPlanner is available immediately through FranklinCovey, including more than 150 retail store locations, the FranklinCovey web site, telephone and direct sales, and catalog. For more information or to purchase TabletPlanner please visit or contact FranklinCovey at 1(800) 877-1814.

Partner Opportunities

Agilix partners with market leaders to deliver solutions for mobile information workers. Sales automation; field service; CRM; research and information collection; intelligence; and higher education are target applications for Agilix technologies. Partners gain a competitive advantage, product differentiation, or shortened time to market by leveraging over 25,000 man-hours worth of Tablet PC development experience. Interested partners can gain more information about partnership opportunities by contacting Cali Tran, Agilix VP of Corporate Development.