Just a month after Beta release, AdoreStudio Ltd is launching a full-featured version of Adore Puzzle. This logical game features an intriguing game plot that allows users to take a fascinating tour of the most popular places in Europe without leaving their PC. This new, free game, with its carefully designed plot, will bring enjoyment to all casual game lovers, like Shooting Blocks, AdoreStudio’s first game.

The game has two modes — Puzzle and Slide. After solving one level the user gets an opportunity to explore more countries and solve more puzzles/slides. Within each new country solved, the difficulty increases, thus helping the players master their skills. There is a help prompt available to assist the player: it is given as a small clock in the left-hand corner.

At the moment the game features over thirty levels. Each level is represented by a new country. However, very soon, AdoreStudio is planning to update the game and add a pack featuring a new collection of pictures to diversify the game’s plot.

As with all other games by AdoreGames.com, Adore Puzzle has no restrictions: the game is absolutely free and safe to install and play. Captivating game plot and high-quality design ensure that the game will occupy a place in the world of casual games.