Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced Adobe(R)
InDesign(R) CS PageMaker(R) Edition, an extension to InDesign CS to
help PageMaker users make a quick and successful transition to
InDesign, the award-winning layout and design package. Developed to
meet the future layout and design needs of PageMaker customers,
InDesign CS PageMaker Edition includes a full version of Adobe
InDesign CS software plus an innovative PageMaker Plug-in Pack,
templates, and training materials.

Released to industry acclaim in October 2003, Adobe InDesign CS
delivers powerful production capabilities, creative freedom and
cross-media support — enabling customers to design, lay out and print
pages, as well as export content to the Web, more rapidly and
reliably. InDesign CS PageMaker Edition allows PageMaker users to
quickly upgrade to InDesign CS and work smarter and faster on
future-looking technology platforms.

“InDesign’s modern code-base provides the best long-term solution
for PageMaker customers who are looking to take advantage of the
latest advances in hardware design and operating system innovation,”
said Jim Heeger, senior vice president of Creative Professional
Products at Adobe. “InDesign CS PageMaker Edition is the fastest and
easiest way for PageMaker users to upgrade to the next-generation
publishing platform.”

InDesign CS, the Future of Professional Layout and Design

Outpacing the competition with a new feature-packed release,
InDesign CS is loaded with powerhouse production features and new
creative tools for professional page layout and design. InDesign
supports PageMaker workflows, Mac OS X Panther and has native file
support for Adobe Photoshop(R) CS and Illustrator(R) CS assets.
PageMaker users will find increased productivity through features such
as Story Editor, to provide integrated word-processing functionality.
The context-sensitive Control Palette efficiently formats text, edits
objects and fine-tunes tables in one location on a workspace. In
addition, InDesign CS provides advanced design capabilities with drop
shadows, superior typographical controls and editable transparency

PageMaker Plug-in Pack Adds Enhanced Features

The Adobe PageMaker Plug-in Pack adds essential PageMaker
capabilities to InDesign CS, extending conversion support to now
include PageMaker 6.0 documents, as well as 6.5-7.x and QuarkXPress
3.3-4x files. In addition, the ALAP(R) InBooklet(R) Special Edition
plug-in automatically rearranges a document’s pages at print time into
an imposition with complete control over margins, gaps, bleeds, creep
and crossover traps. Other features include automated bullets and
numbering, Data merge, the Position tool which works similarly to the
Crop tool in PageMaker, and the ability to switch keyboard shortcuts
in InDesign CS to match PageMaker shortcuts. To fast-track new
projects, a template browser integrates over 80 professional templates
created by leading designers, covering advertisements, business cards,
certificates and letterhead design. Helping users get the most from
InDesign and build on their existing PageMaker experience, Total
Training video instruction discs also accompany Adobe InDesign CS
PageMaker Edition.

“Adobe understands the importance of maintaining a consistent yet
flexible look-and-feel across multiple media,” said Kirsti Scott,
creative director at Scott Design. “I wanted to create a design
template that had real-world relevance. The template provides a simple
way to produce professional-looking pieces that have a unified look,
so users don’t have to spend hours to create banners, postcards, and
in-store flyers with a creative flair.”

Pricing and Availability

Adobe InDesign CS PageMaker Edition for Mac OS X and Microsoft(R)
Windows(R) will be available in the first calendar quarter of 2004 to
customers in the United States and Canada through Adobe Authorized
Resellers and the Adobe Store at For registered users
who own any version of Adobe PageMaker, the estimated street price
will be US$349. InDesign CS PageMaker Edition will be available to
educators (with any registered version of PageMaker) for the estimated
street price of US$219. For more information please visit

Customers can purchase and download the Adobe PageMaker Plug-in
Pack from the Adobe Store for US$49. The Adobe PageMaker Plug-in Pack
is expected to be included with the Adobe Creative Suite Premium
Edition in Spring 2004, for an estimated street price of US$1,229 and
the Adobe Creative Suite Standard Edition for an estimated street
price of US$999. For more information about the Adobe Creative Suite,
please visit