Addlogix is proud to announce its FirePod’s compatibility with the new iPod Shuffle and Nintendo DS.

FirePod is the only patented dual-interface automotive charger in the market today. Equipped with both USB and FireWire ports, FirePod can simultaneously charges two devices. In addition, it is equipped with surge-protection tube-fuse and backflow-prevention diodes that preserve the batteries in Nintendo DS, GBA SP, and iPODs.

The success of iPod and Gameboy systems has increased the popularity of FirePod. With the recent introduction of Nintendo DS and iPod Shuffle, Addlogix has made the product available at several popular online merchants. The product can now be purchased at,, and

The package (P/N: FXU-PWR-GBASP) comes complete with the dual-interface car charger, a FireWire charger / data cable, and a GBA SP/Nintendo DS charger cable.

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