In the last 10 years, virtualization has become the primary tool of I.T., because it maximizes hardware resources, enables better, more reliable business continuity and DR, and allows I.T. to become more adaptive to business needs and requirements. With different hypervisors on the market, a variety of storage virtualization architectures and offerings in existence, and an overall virtualization adoption rate that is typically less than 100 percent of a total infrastructure, heterogeneous I.T. environments are a reality now and in the foreseeable future.

In the end, every I.T. leader wants his/her desktops, servers, and data to be portable and remain agnostic to the underlying physical hardware and virtualization technologies. StorageCraft solutions give the SMB on up to the large enterprise the ability to have a fluid I.T. infrastructure.

Rich Werhun, Senior Sales Engineer at StorageCraft, just presented how StorageCraft delivers the functionality of a fluid I.T. infrastructure through a streamlined, successful product line.

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