iVoice, Inc. announced today that iVoice has joined the 3Com® Voice Solution Providers Program (VSPP).

Under the terms of the program agreement, iVoice was named a “reseller- approved” participant. As part of the 3Com Exercise Choice™ initiative, the VSPP defines three levels of interoperability testing with 3Com convergence applications products and services. Customers gain confidence in proven solutions tested by 3Com and 3Com-authorized resellers.

iVoice has introduced an entirely TAPI-based Speech Enabled Auto Attendant product that negates the need for proprietary server hardware. This permits more efficient and economical product deployment, eliminating the end user’s need to purchase costly, additional hardware to deploy a speech interface.

Jerry Mahoney, chairman, CEO and president of iVoice, said, “This latest addition to our speech-enabled product portfolio demonstrates iVoice’s belief that the technology developed and deployed by iVoice is leading edge. We have demonstrated how the Speech Enabled Auto Attendant seamlessly integrates with the 3Com NBX IP PBX platform without adding additional hardware providing NBX customers with both time and cost savings.”

Any 3Com NBX customer can accelerate service for customers by enabling them to simply say the name of the person or department they want to reach. iVoice speech recognition provides fast call handling and flatten menus for shorter hold times. The ease of use and hands-free input of speech-enabled auto attendants is designed to yield higher call completion rates.

AllTel Networking was chosen to do interoperability testing with iVoice’s Speech Enabled Auto Attendant and the 3Com NBX system. The company has certified that the Speech Enabled Auto Attendant is fully compatible with and operates correctly with the 3Com NBX system.

David Warren of AllTel Networking, a 3Com solutions provider based in Stuart, Fla., said, “This solution allows my customers to make an impression with their callers. 3Com users already know their phone system is world class. Now, with the inclusion of iVoice Auto Attendant, their callers know it, too.”

Pat Rudolph, 3Com vice president of solutions architecture, said, “The 3Com VSPP is designed to promote interoperability and assure customers of the high-quality, advanced solutions that IP telephony enables. We’re delighted to welcome iVoice to our program and look forward to working with many of our resellers in promoting iVoice solutions.”