2nd Watch announced a service enhancement designed to help large and mid-market enterprises understand the cost advantages of moving on-premises IT infrastructure to the cloud. The Cloud Migration Cost Assessment is a six-week engagement, during which 2nd Watch cloud management experts will evaluate a company’s IT “estate” and map current resources to the most cost-effective cloud solution, while providing a proposal on the cost of migrating those resources to the cloud.

Moving to the public cloud can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor. Without the proper tools and cloud know-how, estimating cloud costs based on limited information can be challenging. To get it right, it’s important that companies properly document used resources and map those accurately to the cloud. Only by doing this can organizations optimize IT infrastructure costs and increase business agility.

2nd Watch’s Cloud Migration Cost Assessment simplifies and accelerates the path from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud with instance rightsizing and TCO analysis using TSO Logic software. The Cloud Migration Cost Assessment service includes the following items:

● Analytics based right-sizing to cloud and on-premises vs. cloud cost modeling
● Benchmarking current costs from reference catalog and future costs from cloud catalog
● Automatically finding the best cloud instance size to meet an organization’s needs based on historical usage and current provisioning
● Providing instance details and business case analysis at a high-level and in detail
● Analyzing optimum use of existing licenses
● Resource/workload to cloud mapping
● Cost-based proposal to perform migration to optimum cloud configuration

“How much will moving to the cloud cost us and how much will we save over time?” These questions come up in every customer engagement, so the goal of our service is to answer these questions clearly, with data, and upfront for customers,” says Jeff Aden, EVP of Marketing and Business Development at 2nd Watch. “Our cloud services team is highly skilled at the task of mapping an organization’s legacy infrastructure footprint and assessing the true cost of moving to and operating in a cloud environment. Participating in this assessment is a great way for companies to sell the advantages of cloud to senior staff. It’s also a great way for IT to demonstrate its ability to think big about how to drive organization-wide digital transformation in a cost-effective manner.”

To learn more about the service, visit www.2ndwatch.com