Stick Tennis is available today for iOS (for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and now for Android, with bonus American themes and players, in honor of the US Open. Known for its irreverent attitude, the UK’s best selling game is easy to play yet difficult to master, with a love of tennis not necessarily required.

Ditching the usual complex controls of tennis games, a simple, one fingered swipe action controls direction and timing, resulting in real intuitive tennis game play. “It’s often better when sports games go all out for raw, demented playability. Stick Tennis demands instant reactions. Get this,” says the UK’s Pocketgamer. Competitive and addictive, play comes in the form of seven different game modes on ten international courts, each with unique surface, bounce and player characteristics.

The addition of the US Slam will keep patriotic types happy, and the one off John McEnroe versus the chair umpire an opportunity for sweet revenge.

Bringing much needed humor to the sport, players can test their skills against the likes of Martina Shankitova, Horan Ivanitchisac and Moanica Shrieker. Player caricatures amuse, with the option to play Mullet Andre against Bald Andre, definitely a tennis first. Things get more serious with World Domination and The Slam game modes, offering over 64 opponents from current top seeds to tennis legends. For both the ambitious and dedicated, a Daily Challenge presents players with a one-off match, available to play for 24 hours, against a random selection of opponents, with scores posted to form a world ranking table.

Stick Tennis took the UK by storm last month, becoming the number 1 game app within 2 days of launch, giving those birds something to be angry about.