Zero G Software today introduced SolutionArchitect™. SolutionArchitect is a software installation and configuration solution for building ready-to-deploy software packages using the new Solution Installation packaging standard. Designed to dramatically improve the process of packaging software, SolutionArchitect produces self-configuring and self-healing software packages, and can combine these packaged components together into complete, customized software solutions that can then be deployed using Zero G’s award-winning multiplatform application deployment solution InstallAnywhere™.

Zero G is giving its partners and customers a chance to be the first to use SolutionArchitect through an exclusive early access program that is already underway with leading companies. Participants are among the first to build reusable software deployment modules, and the SolutionArchitect early access program allows them to join Zero G partners such as Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, and Reuters in exploring new technologies and solutions using the Solution Installation packaging format.

“Using SolutionArchitect, enterprise development teams and software solution-builders will dramatically reduce software deployment costs,” said Eric N. Shapiro, CEO of Zero G Software. “Participants in the early access program for SolutionArchitect are already creating flexible, self-configuring software packages that intelligently capture the requirements, dependencies, and structure of complex componentized software systems.”

SolutionArchitect utilizes Solution Installation, a new deployment specification co-authored and submitted as a proposed standard to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The Solution Installation Schema, publicly announced last week by Zero G, IBM, and Novell, is focused on solving the packaging and deployment problems inherent in complex application solutions.

“There’s a lot of interest in Solution Installation, because enterprise development teams know that self-configuring software packages will open the door to huge savings in terms of overall costs and man-hours,” said David Bartlett, Director of Autonomic Computing at IBM. “Zero G’s new SolutionArchitect product has the ability to empower software developers with the control and flexibility of Solution Installation technology.”

The introduction of SolutionArchitect coincides with this year’s Rational Software Development User Conference, held through July 22 in Grapevine, Texas, where Zero G has been invited by IBM to participate in discussions regarding the impact and importance of Solution Installation technologies.

For general information about participation in the early access program for SolutionArchitect, or to learn more about Zero G’s vision for the future of enterprise software deployment visit