As part of the digital transformation of business, digitizing and managing paper documents is obviously fundamental. Companies want customers to complete forms accurately and efficiently. They want to store and be able to retrieve any document or content on demand. They also want to do this easily, fast and cost-effectively.

Xpertdoc delivers on this mission. Some of their clients have already saved 50% of their time while significantly improving turnaround times and customer response rates. In one example, the platform allowed an insurance company to get health benefit applications completed faster and more accurate by users. That was just for one document process!

The product is a perfect fit for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Actually Xpertdoc is a top Microsoft Gold Certified partner and it was purposely built on the MS platform. That said, it also works with other platforms!

So, why Xpertdoc really matters to channel partners?

  1. Their application will solve big problems in document and forms management for your clients.
  2. It is a native and snug fit with your Microsoft applications so allows you to easily build-out your book of MS solutions.
  3. It brings in profitable recurring revenue
  4. It takes you up a few notches in your game to deliver deeper digital transformation to your clients.
  5. It is easy to deploy
  6. It offers a choice or 100% Cloud solution or it can be on-premises
  7. Xpertdoc is rock solid proven technology with a long history with Microsoft (Gold Certified).
  8. Xpertdoc is on the hunt now to recruit new partners so solid incentives for those who jump on the train today.
  9. They are ready to partner with you on all levels to help you make this a success.
  10. Really cool features like electronic signature and forms are customizable for a wide range of industries.

Take a look at the company and their solution at . This can become an integral part of your digital transformation playbook for your clients and add some solid recurring revenue into your pockets!