Mashable has published a list of worst passwords. The list, which were provided by productivity app developer SplashData, consists of keywords and combination of numbers that are commonly utilized by Internet users.

The worst password list includes the obvious ones like: password, 123456, 12345678, and abc123. Other passwords consist of commonly-used words for passwords such as trustno1, letmein, iloveyou, baseball, and football. The list is based on millions of stolen passwords that are posted online by hackers.

To guard your online accounts from being hacked, SplashDown has provided useful tips in choosing secure passwords:

* Use different types of characters in your passwords by combining numbers, letters, and special characters.

* Choose passwords that have at least eight characters and separate short words with spaces or underscores.

* Never use the same password and username combination for multiple websites. Use an online password manager to keep tabs of your different online accounts.