Worksheet-Server™ converts Excel workbooks into stand-alone Web applications that can be executed on Linux and Windows operating systems without MS Excel. Benefit for Excel users: the Worksheet-Server™ enables multiple users to simultaneously collect and analyse data via the Web. In addition to the Standard-Edition of Worksheet-Server, a Professional and an Enterprise Edition of Worksheet-Server are available now. The Enterprise Edition allows linking the web applications directly with SAP data.

The core technology of the startup company’s Worksheet-Server™ product is a newly developed XLS-to-PHP converter. The Freiburg-based software company is the global leader in this technology. The server translates Excel workbooks into immediately executable PHP code. Since the conversion works automatically, no prior knowledge of PHP is required to use Worksheet-Server™. An average level of familiarity with MS Excel is sufficient to convert Excel applications into Groupware applications with Intranet or Internet capability in a matter of minutes. This allows numerous users – whether next door or across the ocean – to simultaneously edit data in corporate wide Spreadsheet models. User group based access rights allow a central assignment of user read and/or write privileges for specific data.

In addition, Worksheet-Server™ gives the rapidly growing community of PHP developers a powerful application generation system for business applications. Form design, computational logic, graphics and formatting are defined in MS Excel, as well as access to relational or multi-dimensional OLAP databases (e.g. MIS ALEA, Applix TM1, MS Analysis Services). Additional features, such as PDF generation, access to operational systems (e.g. SAP, DB2 or Oracle) or connection to LDAP or SOAP servers are added using external PHP modules.

Worksheet-Server™ supports large numbers of users and is available for Windows, Linux, IBM iSeries as well as common Unix platforms.

Worksheet-Server™ is available for an initial purchase price of EUR 3,495. The Enterprise Edition with the SAP-Interface starts at EUR 29.450. For a free demo and additional information about Worksheet-Server™, see

Screenshots are available for download at