On this week’s Women Talk Tech podcast we talk to Nikki Gore of Siren Marketing, a long time marketer in the tech sector. Nikki reflects on her personal journey of being a women in the tech sector and how the technology industry has impacted her career.

Marie and Nikki discuss the obstacles women face in the tech industry, both remembering the days when they were the only women in the executive wing. While organization`s today realize the importance of gender balance, the technology sector specifically still looks like an old boy`s club. In order to truly achieve gender parity in the board room and on an economic scale the challenge is twofold:

  1. We need to find more and better ways to get women into the technology sector (the fastest growing sector in the world).
  2. We need to keep women in it.

This episode also touches on the importance of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. As large enterprises become more conscious of their social impact, it will become increasingly important for those wanting to do business to be able to demonstrate a programmatic approach to social impact and sustainability. There is a huge opportunity for technology companies to use social impact, corporate social responsibility and sustainability as both a brand and competitive differentiator.

About Nikki Gore

Nikki is a global marketing leader with 25+ years’ experience developing and implementing integrated marketing strategies, and building high-performance marketing teams for B2B technology companies. She runs a marketing consulting firm helping small to medium size B2B tech companies build up and scale out their marketing capabilities. In her spare time, she is a hockey mom and an autism advocate with a passion for corporate social responsibility and sustainability.