To help prevent data security breaches, Drive eRazer&trade is a new economical standalone hardware solution that erases all data from a hard drive quickly and easily without using a computer. “As many people discover too late, deleting or “trashing” a file does not erase it from a hard drive,” said James Wiebe, VP of product development. “It is fairly easy for someone else to recover files from used hard drives which can include anything from corporate data to email conversations to financial data to legal documents. Drive eRazer is the easiest, most economical solution available to prevent others from seeing your files.” Drive eRazer just received Maclife’s highest rating “Awesome” as well as their Editor’s Choice award.

Computer forensics investigators face many challenges when trying to identify, collect, examine and preserve digital evidence. Various software applications exist which allow suspects to create or modify a Host Protected Area (HPA) or Device Configuration Overlay (DCO) table on a hard drive, which are then used to “hide” data on a drive, complicating a forensic investigation. The Forensic DriveDock&trade now has HPA/DCO detection, allowing investigators to detect the presence of these hidden areas without being attached to a computer.

Another major challenge forensic investigators face is the prevalence of low level encryption such as Vista’s Whole Disk Encryption (WDE) that can halt an investigation. It’s important to a forensic investigation that encryption technologies are prevented from activating. The best way to do this would be to keep the computer running and logged in while you transport it, but how?

WiebeTech’s previously classified HotPlug&trade, is a tool for moving computers without unplugging them. Now declassified, HotPlug allows hot seizure and removal of computers from the field, by keeping power flowing to the computer while transferring the computer’s power input from one A/C source (such as a wall outlet or power strip) to another (a portable UPS) and back again. Created for Government/Forensic customers, HotPlug has IT uses as well, such as moving PCs and servers without powering down. HotPlug, combined with Mouse Jiggler&trade, a USB device that creates constant mouse activity to prevent sleep mode and screen savers (and their password prompts), helps prevent encryption technologies from activating, maintaining full access to the hard drive.

All products will be on display in booth #2510 at the FOSE government information technology trade show, April 1-3, 2008 at the at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.

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