MSPs should be sitting down for this news.
You can now get a platform to build out your private SaaS marketplace with all of the vendors you want as well as buy from all major distributors –  all through ONE web portal. Moreover, the platform is FREE for MSPs.

This is a real game changer for all MSPs who have not built their own. Some very large channel partners has been investing and building their “one-stop” web portal where they can transact with ALL of their suppliers and vendors. Streaming information and procurement is fundamental to all MSPs. The Spiisee platform make this a reality today.

Check out my chat with Carl Watene, founder of SPIISEE on how MSPs can benefit on many levels from adopting this platform. The cherry on top is that it’s FREE for MSPs to use the platform.
As an MSP, what do you have to gain by using this platform? Take it for a test drive for FREE and see for yourself. Good time to get on the ground floor because soon this may become the ultimate competitive advantage.