BlueParrot is part of the same GN Audio group that also owns Jabra so I was expecting a great experience. Single-ear headsets is for a specific type of user. You either like them or dislike them. This is ideal for any professional that requires them to actually have one ear open to be listening to what’s happening around them. Jobs like retail, drivers, reception etc. Actually, just the perception of having one ear always available to listen is probably mandatory for some jobs. And, some people just don’t like having a headset over both ears, regardless of type of job.

Setting it up was a plug and play breeze. The challenge was getting the ear piece to fit into my ear without some jiggling. I also found that the size was a bit big and it took some fiddling around to get it placed if you wear eye glasses. It was not easy to remove your glasses and put back on with the device.

When I got it to fit nicely into my ear it sounded good, but I felt the volume could have been louder (maybe that is just me).  It’s not easy to just remove the device and quickly put it back while on the move, but maybe with some practice it would be. I also did not get any warning when the battery was empty. It just cut out. The product claims to come with an eighty percent noise cancellation feature, but I did not really get that experience. It was light enough to be comfortable and the around the ear material was smooth, soft and flexible. There were some custom options for speed dial, talk and mute which would definitely come in handy. I did not test it for water or dust resistance, but it said that it came with an IP54 rating.

Unboxing was simple with a decent retail packing. The environmental aspect is also great to see and the user can recycle the box. It came with 2 other ear pieces to fix different sizes. I think since this was a portable unit, it should have come with some sort of carrying case? Not sure how it would be durable if I had to put in and out my pocket for travel.

I think the challenge to mono earsets are ear buds. We are accustomed to wearing buds and they are very light in comparison and so much better for listening to music. Although earbuds do come with their own challenges, like falling out and getting lost.

Overall the sound quality was good to both parties of the call. At just $99 MSRP, it is also a reasonably price point for what you get. For someone who needs this for work or prefers a mono type of headset, then this is a great buy.  The design was great. It was very comfortable once you got it in the right spot. It took no effort to use or charge. Everything was intuitive. For a mono headset, it worked very well and was priced well, just probably missing some type of travel case.

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