They had such a warm response to their
holiday giveaway that they have decided to continue giving away the
software. It is the perfect way to reduce line-ups for the computer
as spouses, parents, and children battle for a turn.

Userful’s Desktop Multiplier software turns one computer into many,
enabling a single computer box to support multiple users at the same
time. Simply connect an extra monitor, USB keyboard, and mouse to
your standard computer box and this software makes it possible for
two users to work on the same PC at the same time.

“The free two-user giveaway doubles the utility and value of your
existing computer with minimal cost,” says Tim Griffin, President of
Userful. “In fact, if you already have an extra monitor and keyboard,
it’s like getting a free computer.

Userful is giving away its eco-friendly software to show how much
un-tapped value lies hidden in today’s Desktop PCs. “Environmental
responsibility is increasingly on all our minds,” says Griffin.
“Maintaining an extra PC is a lot of work, and not everyone can
afford a second home PC. We had such a warm response to our holiday
giveaway that we decided to continue giving away our software.
Everybody likes something free, and it doesn’t get much better than a
free PC with zero environmental footprint. The opportunity to help
make a difference is very satisfying. We’re hoping that people will
see how well this software works at home and start recommending it to
their workplace or school as a way to save the environment and save on
IT costs. We’ve also added a live CD meaning you can carry it with you
and transform virtually any PC into a two user computer.”

Userful’s Desktop Multiplier software can create up to 10 independent
workstations from a single standard PC box. This software is being
used around the world in schools, libraries, hotels, and other
businesses and has provided huge savings on desktop computing costs
by reducing the number of computer boxes that need to be purchased
and maintained. Userful is quickly becoming the standard for green
computing worldwide. Attaching 10 monitors, mice and keyboards to a
single computer reduces CO2 emissions by up to 15 tons per year per
system and reduces electronic waste by up to 80%. Userful recently
stated that in the last year their software has saved over 13,250
tons of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of taking 2,300 cars off the

The free two-user licenses distributed under this promotion enable
users with an extra video card (or a dual-head video card) to add an
extra workstation by simply plugging in a spare monitor, USB keyboard
and mouse. Thousands of users have obtained free two-user licenses and
information about the promotion from . There are two free
downloads available: a Live CD, which allows you to turn your PC into
2 independent workstations without affecting any of the software on
your hard-disk, and one for users already running Linux.