‘Niche’ Job Sites Offer a Much Larger Pool of ‘Qualified’ Job Candidates. In contrast with other conventional types of advertising, the Internet
offers its users much broader reach. Results are delivered faster, and at less expense, than most traditional advertising methods. Today, many employers and recruiters consider “on-line” job advertising an integral part of their hiring
and recruiting process. While advertising with ‘general’ job boards can, at times, generate a lot
of traffic from job seekers, all too often the results can be quite time consuming, with a disappointing number of actual ‘qualified’ job candidates.

The marketing and advertising of industry specific ‘niche’ job sites is highly targeted toward the professionals of the specific industry it serves,
attracting a significantly increased number of ‘qualified’ job seekers.

Advertising Your Job Opportunities Effectively Today, a well-rounded job advertising campaign might include your local newspaper (Let’s face it . . . there are still a lot of highly qualified
professionals out there that either don’t have access to a computer at home, or don’t use the Internet to search for jobs), an ad on a good ‘niche’ job site and possibly an ad on a reputable general job site InsuranceWorkForce.com, a leading ‘niche’ insurance and financial services job site since 2001, offers job posting, including several fee based cross-posting options, a resume database, salary surveys, career center and more.

They also cross-post all job ads with TopUSAJobs.com, resulting in substantially greater exposure for its advertisers. All services are free for
job seekers. Barbara Krueger, founder and CEO of this insurance job site, is also an industry veteran. With 30 years in the business, she understands the
recruiting challenges faced when it comes to attracting and hiring the kind of talent and top-notch professionals particular to the industry. “We’re working hard to be the industry’s first choice in employment advertising. A virtual one stop insurance job site, linking employers and recruiters with job candidates that have the experience, skills and specialized training necessary
to get the job done,” says Krueger.