Co-founded by Ofer Smadari (CEO) and Leonid Belkind (CTO) in 2020, Torq is a security hyperautomation company changing the game for other cyber companies. To date the startup has raised $78M in funding – and in the past year, Torq touted 10x growth in customers. Torq’s enterprise-grade security hyperautomation platform unifies and automates the entire security infrastructure to deliver unparalleled protection and productivity. Torq drives maximum value and efficiency from existing security investments. It supercharges security teams with powerful, easy-to-use no-code, low-code, and full-code workflows that reduce manual tasks, freeing security professionals to focus on higher-value strategic activities. 

The security automation startup recently announced a major new Case Management feature.

This feature is unique in that it rapidly and accurately collects a large number of unprocessed events and signals, and organizes them into contextually-enriched cases, intelligently ordered by severity, priority, and field of ownership. 

It also orchestrates the analysis and remediation of security cases across multiple organizational functions, and tracks all security decisions in a single dynamic, hyperautomated framework. This feature is an addition to Torq’s Security Hyperautomation Platform.

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