MTS – Mer Telemanagement Solutions Ltd., a worldwide provider of innovative solutions for telecommunications expense management (TEM) used by enterprises, and for business support systems (BSS) used by information and telecommunication service providers, offer solutions aligned with the findings of a new benchmark report, Wireless Mobility Expense Optimization, published by Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company, that found organizations are faced with rapidly escalating expenses for wireless services and operational support costs for their wireless mobility program.

This report examines how enterprises are dealing with the issues such as gaining visibility into an up-to-date inventory of their wireless devices, wireless service order activity, the number of employees required to manage wireless services, and the impact that adoption of smart devices in the enterprise has on wireless expense management.

Joe Basili, Research Director at Aberdeen Group, noted: “enterprises are concerned by the escalating monthly carrier expenses, the cost to process bills and the complexity of controlling the myriad of services offered by smart devices”

Mr. Eytan Bar, President and CEO of MTS commented: “The MTS TEM sophisticated rating engine manages and supports the complex data that must be accessed in order to analyze and verify wireless agreement terms and our unique capability to track smart device usage enables accurate control and excess cost prevention.”

With MTS’s TEM enterprises gain visibility into up-to-date inventory of wireless devices, are able to monitor smart device usage on a real-time basis, verify correct charging, reconcile mobile and landline usage and more; thereby achieve cost savings and operational efficiencies.