Most security experts will tell you that human error is behind the vast majority of data security breaches. Some research points that over 80% of breaches are caused by employee error (Internet shows lots of data on this).

Once you agree with this statement, then the only question is what will you do to help your clients protect their company from their employees’ behaviours that can cause a breach?

With today’s social engineering, hackers are getting smarter every day. The ransomware communications that they are sending today is getting harder to differentiate between good and bad.

Most companies have set up all sorts of cyber security tools and back-up solutions in case of a breach. That said, recovery can take a very long time, cost a lot and put a big dent in customer trust. It’s always better to prevent!

Offering on-going cyber security best-practice prevention training is the only way. However, even with a solution, you still have the problem of getting people to spend the time to actually learn and keep being informed.

The final hurdle is ensuring that the employees are actually taking the training and can prove their level of proficiency.

The Click Armor tool does all the education needed in a way that also motivates the employees to learn through gamification and leader boards.

All channel partners can easily add this important layer of security prevention awareness training into their solution mix and make money every month.

Check out this 37-minute video discussion with Scott Wright, CEO of Click Armor, as we discuss the problem and solution. It’s a Very comprehensive video, and to find out more, just visit their website and sign up for a FREE demo. Once you go thorough this demo, you will see the light.

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