If you haven’t heard by now, the Million Dollar Homepage has grossed nearly $1 million dollars from web site owners paying to get their web sites in front of potentially millions of visitors. Mr. Hogan’s intent is to increase traffic to blogs just like the MillionDollarHomepage.com did for web sites.

When Mr. Hogan first visited Alex Tew’s web site, he couldn’t believe his eyes. A few years ago, Mr. Hogan researched an idea about building a one page web site. But not knowing how to do it, the idea eventually faded away. Today he is trying to make a comeback with MillionDollarBlogSpots.com, a variation of his one page web site idea but still a copycat.

“I am thankful for Alex Tew’s success. He has inspired me to figure out how to do this,” says Mr. Hogan. According to his web site, Alex Tew admits that he is not worried about copycats. He knows it is bound to happen and thinks it will work in his favor.

MillionDollarBlogSpots.com is similar to the Million Dollar Homepage. It has the same framework and a similar feel. However, Mr. Hogan’s site is unique in that you can only advertise a blog on the home page. It is dedicated to bloggers, blogs, blogspots, blogging and such. Mr. Hogan believes that blogs are more popular than web sites. The intent of a blog is to be able to quickly and painlessly journal thoughts. Because of this, anybody can do it, whereas, a web site requires technical knowledge.

The site goes on to explain the difference between a blogspot and a million dollar blog spot. Google owns Blogger, which allows an individual to create a journal entry on its blogspot.com domain. That is known as a blogspot, whereas a million dollar blog spot can be found only on MillionDollarBlogSpots.com. It is 100 pixels worth $100 and links to a blog.