In every industry, there comes a time when disruption happens. Vendors have been building channel partner ecosystems for decades and leveraging tools like Partner Relationship Management platforms to help them streamline the process. Over time, these first-generation platforms were the only go-to. As the industry matured and needed more, CRM companies built out some of the desired functionality to manage partners (for hefty prices). Today, there are over 150 players in the channel automation space and many have their niche stronghold.
Anyone managing partner ecosystems understand the problems and challenges that they face every day. The reaction is to throw more bodies at the problem or figure out some work around. The dots are simply not connected. When you factor in the pain points from the actual partners, then you can see how this “automation ecosystem” has become a nightmare.
The next generation of channel partner automation platforms are already here. Check out my interview with Carl Watene, founder of a new start-up called SPIISEE that is already changing the game! I explored the work they did with a distributor to build out a full end-to-end ecosystem with many SaaS vendors that they carry. The outcome is pure sanity. Immediate reduction in workload and adoption by partners is a breeze.
Basically, SPIISEE built out a platform that’s fully integrated with all three sides of the supply chain – Vendors, Distributors and Channel Partners (MSPs). All sides can get deep optics into everything needed to do business with each other including information, support, learning, deal registration, marketing, communications, forecasting, provisioning, and maintenance of multi-vendor portfolios. Their road map for the all-in-one partner management tool is clear and they are well on the journey of delivering. They may be the platform that finally fulfills the dream of a deeply streamlined partner ecosystem management, from end to end.
We will keep an eye on this company and bring you updates as they will be the one to watch.

Check out a recent article that talks about the challenges facing vendors who are building partner ecosystems with current tools: