Back in March 2020, it felt like we all woke up in a “Twilight Zone. A mad virus was revenging the planet and our lives. What we previously took for granted, no longer existed. People emptied grocery stores. People everywhere had to endure severe hardships and incredible tragedies. Hope dimmed. Fear and despair amplified.

We became desperate for the simple things like hanging out with friends or going to bars and restaurants.

Watching the incredible death toll and suffering that continues to mount every day is so depressing. Mind-boggling to see some play Russian Roulette with Covid-19 by refusing to just wear a mask and social distance.

Everyone gravitated to their camp and dug in. We witnessed science morphed into conspiracies. In spite of this growing chaos, some great leaders and good people stepped up to do what had to be done to ensure life goes on.

While we all continue to dig out of this pandemic, we must rethink everything moving forward. To me, this pandemic feels like a global “reset” button that showed what could happen if people just continue as usual. I think the planet can only take so much abuse and this was mother nature’s way of firing a warning shot across the bow.

Will we adopt better behaviours post pandemic? Will we thrive in this new normal?

One could argue about the numbers, but I know a big chunk of the channel community is hurting. I also know a big chunk is thriving. It all depends on if and how you have been future-proofing your business over the past years. A lot has been determined by the type of markets of your clients. If your clients are in a sector that has been devastated, then your challenge is a lot bigger.

My best advice to those channel partners who are feeling business pain is to join a peer-group ASAP to share your pain and work out the issues and/or consider selling your book of business to another partner that has what it takes to grow. You do not have to be alone.

Vendors must invest big in their channel partners. Now is not the time to wait and see. If you do not support your partners now, then your business may become much more vulnerable in 2021.

In our recent 2021 Channel Predictions, we discussed what the new year will look like. I had a 75-minute discussion with Jay McBain of Forrester and Carl West of GfK.

Sit back, grab a drink and watch the full 75 minute recording of all the best 2021 channel predictions!