Swensee is the first global e-contactplace fully dedicated to businesses involved in international trade. With a safe, trustful, user friendly and customised environment, Swensee’s ambition is to bring internationalization within the reach of all businesses – especially to small and medium size companies whatever their nationality or sector. This is thanks to specially designed tools and a community grounded on mutual aid and trust among members.

www.swensee.com is a breakthrough service at the center of multimedia convergence

Blending latest networking and communication technologies, www.swensee.com is a breakthrough service at the center of multimedia convergence. The platform combines Web 2.0 compatible internet applications with phone expert services, to assist international players get qualified contacts which will speed up their international expansion.

Two web applications are available to subscribers, one for companies and the other for network leaders to lead and coordinate their networks. Thus building up a platform which is both an online community and a collaborative tool.

Qualified contacts are decisive to a successful international development

Matthieu Delouvrier, former French banker and founder of the company Swensee, says: “These qualified contacts are decisive to a successful international development, allowing a better knowledge of markets, understanding of behaviors and identification of business opportunities. Swensee is a documented system where you can get to know people and double-check their story before committing to a face-to-face meeting because finally, building personal relationships is critical to the achievement of real business transactions.”

A collaboration with world leaders

Some services have been specifically designed by Swensee in collaboration with Altares (the exclusive French member of the D&B WWN, world’s leading source of business information),Dow Jones Newswires (the world’s leading independent provider of real-time business and financial news) and SVP, (leader in providing professional consulting by phone to businesses).

Agreements with other leaders are under negotiation.