To further enhance its line of Intel-based server products, Supermicro Computer, Inc. is currently supplying the channel with the world’s first SATA-optimized 64-bit Xeon servers. In addition to leveraging all of the advantages of 64-bit Xeon, including 800MHz front-side bus and PCI-Express support, these new SATA solutions also include ZCR support and SATA RAID 5 and 10. With four SATA hard drives, Supermicro 1U SuperServers support up to 1.6 Terabytes total storage capacity.

Of the impressive range of new 1U 64-bit SATA servers, the SuperServer 6014P-TR deserves special mention as the world’s first 1U SATA redundant powered system. Performance and availability are achieved with four hot-swap drive bays, six DDR DIMM slots that support memory subsystems up to 24GB, and 560-watt redundant power. The 6014P-TR also supports one full-height, full-length PCI-Express x8 expansion card (or PCI-X 100 card if preferred). When redundant power is not needed, this 1U server supports two full-height, full-length expansion cards (with any combination of PCI-Express or PCI-X).

“Customers are now armed with a powerful tool to battle with direct sellers in the server market,” said Shelly Wirtz, manager components products, Ingram Micro US. “Our relationship with Supermicro has taken off in the last year. We’ve seen steady growth as a result of working closely together on initiatives from the gov-ed marketplace to the price-sensitive, low-to-mid-level server product space, such as these SATA-optimized solutions.”

Currently, Supermicro is the only server manufacturer to offer a complete line of SATA optimized servers, including its best-selling predecessor of the new SS 6014H-T, the SuperServer 6013P-T.

Customers like the Serial-ATA interface because it not only allows disk drives to offer competitive performance and reliability at a much lower cost than SCSI, but also requires less voltage, meaning lower power consumption and better management. Another important advantage is that these products are ready for future upgradeability to SATA2 and SAS.

As the sole supplier of new 64-bit Xeon SATA servers, Supermicro encourages its partners to accelerate their growth in market share and profit by leveraging the advantages of these products. In addition to the standard advantages like 64-bit capability, 800MHz FSB and PCI-Express support, these new Supermicro products also offer:

*CPU cost savings

*Up to 3.2 Terabytes of RAID 5 hard drive space

*100% air-cooling redundancy (100% performance even with a key fan failure)

*Up to 32GB memory capacity via 8 DIMM slots

*IPMI 2.0 support for server management

*Intelligent fan speed control

First to market once again, Supermicro continues to supply its channel partners with the latest technology and the best high-quality solutions ahead of the competition.