Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced that it will integrate the Describe® Unified Modeling Language (UML) design software from Embarcadero Technologies (Nasdaq: EMBT) with the award-winning Sun Java™ Studio Enterprise. A definitive licensing and development agreement between the two companies grants Sun unlimited distribution and usage rights to Describe’s standards-based modeling technology, enabling Sun to quickly add one of the most advanced, platform independent, model-driven analysis and design modules to Java Studio Enterprise. The new module will support all major phases of the development lifecycle, from reverse engineering and documentation of code to user interaction and process modeling, on through to code generation and deployment of applications. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“Describe is one of the most highly regarded model-driven analysis and design offerings in the industry,” said Joe Keller, vice president, Marketing, Java Web Services and Development Platforms, Sun Microsystems. “The incorporation of Describe will add significant extra muscle to our award-winning Java Studio line, allowing us to attract a whole new class of developer.”

“Embarcadero is focused on delivering seamless application design and development through the use of model-driven technology,” said Cameron Skinner, chief architect, Embarcadero Technologies, Application Development Tools. “SunÆs decision to include Embarcadero Describe in Sun Java Studio Enterprise represents a win for developers looking to leverage visual modeling throughout the entire development lifecycle, providing rich productivity enhancements during the implementation phase.”

Sun Microsystems’ agreement with Embarcadero Technologies, an industry-accepted visionary leader in the modeling market, facilitates a joint long-term initiative to provide a seamless and feature-rich visual modeling solution for enterprises to accelerate development using Sun Java Studio Enterprise. Describe 6.1, a new Java technology-based version of the product, is a model-driven analysis and design environment that leverages the industry-standard Unified Modeling Language. Describe enables developers to create visual models of applications, providing a clear blueprint for implementation and a shorter learning curve for developers. In addition, programming code and the UML models are always synchronized, which helps to speed up the developer’s job by enabling the navigation and maintenance of code directly from the diagram.

“The incorporation of Embarcadero’s Describe functionality into Sun Java Studio Enterprise is tremendous,” said Curt Stevenson, vice president of Professional Services, Back Bay Technologies, Inc. “This will allow for seamless roundtrip UML modeling and development with Java Studio Enterprise and will enhance its functionality as an industry-leading IDE. We are excited about having this enhanced functionality available to our project teams.”

Sun Java Studio Enterprise is the first comprehensive development environment to speed development of applications for the Sun Java™ Enterprise System. Java Studio Enterprise integrates development tools (with key productivity features such as accelerated application development and the ability to implement user security authentication within an application in minutes), development versions of the enterprise servers, rich documentation, samples and blueprints to enhance the developer experience, with additional support from a premium membership in the Sun Developer Network.

With the integration of Embarcadero Describe into Java Studio Enterprise, developers will have access to an integrated offering that brings the application design and development process together for an optimal and productive developer experience at a compelling $5 USD per employee license, which includes the right to use the included software and developer services and is renewable each year, or a $1895 USD perpetual seat license, which includes the right to use the included software perpetually, paired with a right to use the developer services, which are renewable each year.

Customers of the current release of Sun Java Studio Enterprise (version 6 2004Q1) who are registered subscribers of Sun Developer Network will have access to a preview version of the next release featuring the integrated Describe technology as soon as it is available. For more information, visit