The five-year-old site compiles the best news, video clips and photos from around the world and serves up fresh links each day. Hard news, it isn’t.

Take the obscure AP story about burglars in New Mexico who broke into a high school and made off with 20 rifles used in ROTC drills, never realizing the rifles were little more than ceremonial props. Or the BBC News report about a guy in Scotland who was fined after his dog “fouled” the pavement, only to be cited for littering when he tore up the ticket in protest. Both are funny enough to make it to Dave’s Daily. Nuclear weapons in Iran? Not so much.

Of course, Dave’s Daily goes way beyond funny. There’s also bizarre news — as in the case of Washington, Pennsylvania, which has temporarily changed its name to Steeler, Pennsylvania to show which team it supports in Super Bowl XL — and strange news, which differs from bizarre news by degrees of strangeness. Most photos, videos and news links are submitted by Dave’s Daily viewers.

Perhaps humor is just what people are looking for in their daily dose of news. According to venerable Web site traffic and popularity tracking company Alexa, Dave’s Daily is the 2,858th most visited site on the Internet as of Feb. 1, 2006. What’s more, the site logs over one million page views daily.

“I started Dave’s Daily back in December 2000 as just a small site to build an e-mail newsletter to spread funny, strange and bizarre news and pictures,” explained Dave’s Daily founder David Scott. “It started to grow and eventually turned into a full entertainment site.”

In fact, the site now employs four people and is viewed every day in countries all over the world. In the case of Dave’s Daily, it appears the old chestnut is true: Laugh and the world laughs with you.