Raise your hand if managing your partner automation portal is frustrating and time consuming.

This “heavy lifting” makes on-boarding of new hires a daunting task for all parties.

Everyone knows about channel partner automation, but what is the impact on the daily workload of Channel Managers and Reps who use them? Have you actually put yourself in the shoes of your partners to understand how they actually view the experience of working with your portal?

Automated platforms can get complicated and require a significant amount of training and effort to do just the basics.

Listen up my chat with Carl Watene, Founder of Spiisee (a new generation channel automation platform) about their user experience.

The platform was designed to allow intuitive and simple interactions between all users – channel managers, reps, distributors and partners. Communication is transparent across all user types. Channel Reps can actually customize all activities, promotions and incentives for their sub-group of partners. Checking if a partner is up to speed on product certifications is a click to know or a click to remind.

On-boarding new hires is where this intuitive and easy interface pays off big. It makes managing all digital activities with the partners a simply task.

If you do not use your partner automation platform to its fullest potential, then the outcomes are off. Any platform is probably then none, but having a platform that makes doing business an enjoyable task is so much better.

You can dig into all of the functionality that the platform offers and I recommend that you request a demo, but what I like is it’s usability by the humans. Updating hundreds of thousands of activities for partners is a daunting task so anything that will streamline and simplify this process is going to translate into hours or most likely days of reduce workload every month. Time that can be better spent in actually improving partner relationships.

One thing I know for sure about technology. Better user friendliness means a better developed technology. It’s not easy to be plug and play!