Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE), a global leader in the online games industry, announced that Rise of Kunark, the fourth expansion pack for EverQuest II, is currently in development. Expected to launch on or around November 13, Rise of Kunark will be available at retail stores and via digital download for $39.99. Retail consumers receive the base EQII game, the Rise of Kunark expansion, all three previous expansions (Desert of Flames, Kingdom of Sky, Echoes of Faydwer) as well as a Cockatrice house pet.

“With Rise of Kunark, we’re continuing to build on the high-quality content and rich, exciting environments that players experienced with Echoes of Faydwer,” says Scott Hartsman, Senior Producer and Creative Director, Sony Online Entertainment. “By combining new content based on the original EverQuest with new races, zones, quests and items, we expect to deliver a deep and fun experience for EverQuest II veterans and new players alike.”

Rise of Kunark introduces a new playable race, the Sarnak. This dragon-like humanoid inhabits the jungle islands of Timorous Deep, a new starting location for adventurers. Timorous Deep presents a wealth of new content for levels 1-20, and is one of the many new zones being developed for this expansion. Many of these zones are based on favorite gameplay areas from the original EverQuest, such as Karnor’s Castle, the Lake of Ill Omen, Sebilis and Veeshan’s Peak. Guilds, adventurers, and artisans can expect to benefit from a raised level cap, as all level caps are raised to 80, in addition to new solo, group, and raid content for levels 65-80.

Hundreds of new quests will be added to the expansion, promising exciting adventures and encounters, including class Epic Weapon quests for all classes. Players will also be able to explore this new world astride a new mount — the rampaging Kunarkian Rhino. Dozens of new NPCs, as well as a host of new weapons and armor await players as they explore and unravel the mysteries surrounding the beautiful, yet dangerous continent of Kunark.

EverQuest II Rise of Kunark Features

— All-New Player Race — Start up a brand new Sarnak — the classic
dragon-like humanoid creature that now inhabits Timorous Deep. Exiled
from your homeland and magically altered, discover how your new breed
came to be, and eventually return home to help your race triumph over
the evil Iksar.

— New Starting Area — Begin your adventure from the new starting area in
the islands of Timorous Deep. Conclude your day of epic quests and
retire to new housing within the Village of Gorowyn.

— Level Cap Raised — Continue your adventures on your existing character
in Kunark, expanding on your achievements as Adventure, Tradeskill and
Guild levels all increase to 80.

— More Unique Zones — Advance your way through new massive regions,
containing many zones filled with nostalgia and danger, such as The
Emerald Jungle, Skyfire Mountains, Sebilis, and Karnor’s Castle.

— Hundreds of New Quests — The tale of Kunark is told through hundreds
of new quests, aimed at gameplay of all types: solo, group, and raid.

— More Weapons & Armor — New Epic Weapon quests for all 24 classes, with
new weapons for both those who raid and those who choose not to.
Battle through the opposition and acquire additional fabled and
legendary armor sets as well.

— New Mount — Explore the world on the shoulders of a new rampaging
beast — The Kunarkian Rhinoceros.

— New Deities — Recent activities on Norrath have again attracted the
attention of the gods. Bertoxxulous The Plaguebringer, Karana The Rain
Keeper, and the mysterious Tribunal return to exert their influences on
planet. As with the existing gods of Norrath, players may pledge to
these new deities to gain access to their Blessings and Miracles.

— Dozens of New NPCs — Encounter and engage a wide variety of new
enemies that inhabit the menacing lands of Kunark.