As part of a comprehensive offering of network-based monitoring solutions, Sony Electronics’ recently introduced network cameras, along with its third generation of Real Shot Manager (RSM) video monitoring software, are now available through Sony-authorized commercial IT distributors.

Sony previewed seven IP camera models intended for a variety of uses ranging from home to professional monitoring at the ASIS security trade show in September. Beginning this month, all of the new models are being made available through IT distributors Ingram Micro and Tech Data.

Much of the versatility offered by the new IP cameras can be attributed to their support of bandwidth-saving MPEG-4 compression.

“Many of the models have MPEG-4 and audio support capability in addition to conventional Motion JPEG protocol, which will solve problems of limited network bandwidth,” said Nobu Kawasaki, senior marketing manager for IP video monitoring and channel development in Sony Electronics’ IP communications group. “MPEG-4 will open new opportunities for use of these cameras not only for traditional security surveillance but also for such communications applications as distance learning.”

New IP Cameras Offer Wide Spectrum of Options
SNC-M Series: This practical line of four all-in-one network cameras is ideal for use in venues ranging from private residences to corporate settings. Features include:

·Support of both JPEG and MPEG-4 compression formats;
·Select models support the IEEE 802.11 standard for wireless operation;
·Pan/Tilt/Zoom capabilities on select models;
·Options for wall-mounting, ceiling mounting or desktop use;
·Shipment with user-friendly set-up software and viewer/recording software on CD-ROM; and
·Free DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) to automatically update the DNS server when an IP address is assigned to one of the cameras.

The SNC-M1, SNC-M1W, SNC-M3 and SNC-M3W models are available at suggested list prices ranging from $249.95 to $399.95.
SNC-RZ25N: As a follow-up to its successful SNC-RZ30N pan-tilt-zoom camera, Sony is now distributing the SNC-RZ25N model, which offers the following features:

·The option of MPEG-4 compression in addition to JPEG to optimize bandwidth resources;
·An optimized level of sensitivity, further enabled by a new “Day/Night” function;
·Exceptional picture quality through π type Exwave HAD® technology;
·Audio monitoring capabilities; and
·A slot for Compact Flash or wireless networking capabilities.

Sony’s SNC-RZ25N network video camera is available for a suggested list price of $1,600.

SNC-DF Series: Sony’s unobtrusive mini-dome cameras, popular in such high-traffic areas as building entrances, transportation hubs and shopping malls, are now being offered as IP network cameras with the following features:

·A π-inch Super HAD* CCD producing 480 TV lines of resolution;
·A built-in CS mount, 3-8 mm auto iris vari-focal lens to offer a broad range of viewing options;
·Day/night functions for optimized sensitivity in light or dark environments; and
·An aluminum die-cast rugged housing with a clear polycarbonate to resist high impact in extreme conditions.
The SNC-DF40N is available at a suggested list price of $890, and the SNC-DF70N is available for a suggested price of $1,100.

Next Generation of Real Shot Manager Offers Increased Customization

The third generation of the Real Shot Manager software, the IMZ-RS300 series, offers enhancements that provide new customization options and cover additional network monitoring functions such as motion detection and web/client service. The RS300 series will support the MPEG-4 protocol and two-way audio functions offered by Sony’s newest IP camera introductions (except for the SNC-M series); enhance the back-up, archiving and compression of data; and provide easier operation, such as an automatic camera setting.

“We designed the IMZ-RS300 series with the IT administrator in mind, so a customized, networked system can be set up easily and data can be managed as efficiently as possible,” Kawasaki said. “For example, the addition of motion detection for recording will not only provide enhanced surveillance, but will save more storage space and save reviewing time. The RS300 series also supports backup and archiving to make the video easier to manage.”

As in the second generation of RSM software (IMZ-RS200 series), the RS300 series offers flexible recording/playback capability, dynamic masking, activity detection, pan/tilt/zoom capabilities and enhanced alarm functions. The new functions added in the RS300 series include:

·Intelligent Motion Detection: Taking the activity Detection function further, the software motion detection feature calculates the difference between the current frame and previous frames. If the difference in a block exceeds a set threshold, the block is colored blue to indicate a moving object.

·MPEG-4 Support: To keep pace with many of Sony’s latest IP camera offerings that offer MPEG-4 compression and dual-audio capabilities, the RS300 series is equipped to stream and manage the MPEG-4 data without additional compression.

·Data Recompression: For situations where bandwidth is limited, the RS300 series can automatically compress the image stream in both directions to keep the images transferring smoothly.

·Enhanced Backup and Archive Functions: The user can now back up the RSM data without stopping the application and recording, and when recorded data has surpassed the allotted preservation time, it is automatically transferred from the hard disc drive to a tape stream.

·Easy Set-up Module: The software offers automatic camera setting modules for easy installation of such features as detection and also for upgrading the firmware of cameras.

·Web Client Viewer: Camera images (live and recorded) can be monitored on a generic internet web browser from virtually any location.

The Real Shot Manager IMZ300 Series includes the following models and configurations at the following list prices:
IMZ-RS304/C (RSM Version 3.x with 4 camera licenses + 1 client license)

·Suggested List Price: $990gled by a new “Day/Night
IMZ-RS309/C (RSM Version 3.x with 9 camera licenses + 1 client license)

·Suggested List Price: $1,995
IMZ-RS316/C (RSM Version 3.x with 16 camera licenses + 1 client license)

·Suggested List Price: $3,250
IMZ-RS332/C (RSM Version 3.x with 32 camera licenses + 1 client license)

·Suggested List Price: $4,700
IMZ-RS301 (RSM Version 3.x additional 1 camera license)

·Suggested List Price: $499
IMZ-RS300C (RSM Version 3.x additional client)

·Suggested List Price: $499

API Brings New Technologies Under Sony Umbrella
To offer additional customization options running off of the Real Shot Manager software, Sony also announced in September the opening of its application program interface (API) to third-party software providers. Opening the Real Shot Manager platform created opportunities for software developers, system integrators and value-added resellers to craft scalable, upgradeable, customized solutions with the economy of off-the-shelf products as additions to Sony’s software.