SONY BMG Music Entertainment today
announced the commencement of a mail-in program through which consumers can
exchange compact discs (CDs) containing XCP content protection software for a
replacement version of the same CD without the XCP software, in addition to
receiving MP3 files of that CD.

XCP content protection software is included on 52 SONY BMG titles. Further
information about the exchange program, including an FAQ for consumers about
XCP technology and a list of titles may be found at the website dedicated to
providing consumers with information on this subject,

Consumers can also download a software SONY BMG’s website at This update addresses the security vulnerabilities
associated with XCP software.

In addition to consulting the list of titles at the website, consumers can
identify titles with XCP content protection by checking the back of the CD
packaging. If there is a black and white table with the words “Compatible
With”, and if the URL in that table ends with the letters “XCP”
(, that indicates the disc contains the XCP

Consumers who wish to exchange their XCP content protected CDs or also
receive MP3 files of the titles in addition to their replacement CDs should
visit for a list of titles and versions, specific
instructions and shipping information. There will be no charge to consumers
for shipping in either direction.
In addition to providing replacement CDs by mail, SONY BMG is making
available MP3 files to consumers who are exchanging their XCP content
protected CDs. Consumers who choose to receive MP3 files will receive an e-
mail with a link to the MP3 downloads upon SONY BMG’s receipt and verification
of their XCP CDs.

SONY BMG’s Actions to Date Regarding XCP Software
SONY BMG has taken the following actions with respect to XCP software:

1. SONY BMG has ceased manufacturing compact discs with XCP software.

2. SONY BMG is working with its retail partners to withdraw compact
discs with XCP software from distribution and retail chains. It has
asked retailers to cease sale of those discs and to return them to
SONY BMG. This withdrawal program has been and is being widely

3. SONY BMG is moving as quickly as the manufacturing process will allow
to replace all compact discs with XCP that are present in the chain of
distribution with non-copy protected discs.

4. As announced today, SONY BMG has commenced an exchange program
whereby any consumer who has purchased an XCP-protected compact disc
will be able to receive a replacement, non-copy protected disc and MP3
files of the titles.

5. Consumers can download a software update from the SONY BMG’s website
at The effect of this update is to
“uncloak” the XCP components on the user’s hard drive, thereby
allowing anti-virus software to detect it and block any viruses from
exploiting it.

6. SONY BMG is will soon make available a revised and secure procedure
for consumers to uninstall the XCP software from their computers. The
removal of XCP (and the downloading of the software update) does not
affect the consumer’s ability to play and use any music from an XCP-
protected compact disc already transferred from the disc to the

7. In addition, Microsoft and the major anti-virus companies have been
made aware of the security issues that have been raised. The anti-
virus companies have issued updates to their customers to address
potential vulnerabilities arising from the installation of XCP