Social gaming companies are keeping gamers coming back for more by utilizing an innovative loyalty suite from local tech and marketing firm, FreeCause. The firm has become the go-to destination for social gaming sites, such as OMGPOP and Sometrics’ to increase user loyalty in a space where a game’s success is measured by its longevity.

The FreeCause gaming Loyalty Suite includes an online toolbar and shopping mall. These tools allow companies to directly contact gamers with updates and exclusive hints and offers. Gamers also earn virtual currency that they then can exchange for exclusive upgrades and points. For instance, purchasing a movie subscription through the OMGPOP Mall rewards gamers with virtual currency that they then can then use to buy new virtual goods. These new loyalty tools build retention by intuitively building rewarding relationships with gamers.

“By installing our GamerBar, our users are able to get the latest updates and information without always having to be logged into our site. For us it’s great because we can stay connected to our members and provide them with reasons to come back to the site. Our users love it because they can quickly check in through the GamerBar and earn extra coins for their everyday searching and shopping activities,” said Andy Artz, VP of Analytics of OMGPOP. The company has recently raised over $10 million to put toward creating a new lineup of games for both Facebook and the iPhone in the next six months.

On December 9th, launched a holiday giveaway exclusively through the FreeCause GamerBar. Results showed a 27% increase in search volume and a 34% increase in installs. The promotion not only sparked gamer-engagement by encouraging gamers to perform more searches, but also gave nonusers ample reason to install the GamerBar. Gamers who performed at least 25 valid searches using the GamerBar before December 31st, were automatically entered into a drawing in which 10 lucky winners will be awarded a total of 20,000 Sometrics Game Coins.

“Our partnership with FreeCause has proven to be extremely successful in making us stand out from other virtual currency providers. With our Loyalty Suite, we are now able to offer our gamers a more dynamic experience with greater rewards that will only lead to higher and prolonged engagement,” said Director of, Jennifer Bartlett.

FreeCause is also working with industry-leading social games, creating a stronger bond between a player and their favorite game. The firm is currently working with popular games, such as Metamoki, Inc.’s MobWars, Artix Entertainment, GameTheory, and WeeWorld, with plans to expand its hold on the social gaming loyalty market.

“Monetizing virtual economies and leveraging the power of virtual currencies is what FreeCause does better than anyone in our industry,” said Michael Jaconi, Co-President of FreeCause. “This model, coupled with our ability to monetize users’ online searching and shopping, are the reasons why many of the world’s leading social and online gaming companies are choosing FreeCause.”