Every year, both men and women face the task of finding the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Day let Smarter.com do the legwork for you, from flowers and chocolate to diamonds and perfume, Smarter.com’s “Be Mine” Valentine’s Day Marketplace simplifies the shopping process by providing both ‘His’ and ‘Her’ Valentine’s Day gift guidance. The Smarter.com “Be Mine” Marketplace can be found at www.smarter.com/bemine.

Smarter.com’s comparison shopping expertise will help consumers easily find the most unique and romantic gifts from brand name merchants including 1-800-FLOWERS, B&H, Red Envelope among many others at the best prices available online. Most merchants can ship in-stock products through February 11 for arrival by Valentine’s Day, although additional shipping charges may apply. Even the ultimate procrastinators will find last minute Valentine’s Day gift solutions among Smarter.com’s diverse range of leading merchants, many of whom will be taking orders through February 13, with delivery on Valentine’s Day but shoppers should always verify that delivery will be on time.

“Smarter.com’s ‘Be Mine’ Valentine’s Day Marketplace is the smartest and most convenient way to help shoppers hand pick the perfect gifts for that special someone in their life,” said Talmadge O’Neill, co-founder, Smarter.com. “We created the ‘Be Mine’ Marketplace to further help the millions of people who use Smarter.com each month by providing them with the most relevant information they need to make an informed, intelligent purchasing decision without the hassle. Smarter.com has also recently launched a new Jewelry and Watches category for even more great deals for that someone special.”

Smarter.com’s “Be Mine” Top 10 List for Her

1. Apple iPod (Preloaded with her favorite romantic tunes) http://www.smarter.com/electronics-3/category/hard_drive_mp3_players- 149/mt=1&bn=0&mfid=46&q=ipod

2. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfume http://www.smarter.com/search.php?q=light+blue+perfume&t0=

3. The Hudson Book of Poetry http://www.smarter.com/search.php?q=Hudson+Book+of+Poetry%3A+150+Poems+Worth+R eading+&t0=

4. Yoga Home Practice Kit by Reebok http://www.smarter.com/search.php?q=Yoga+Home+Practice+Kit+by+Reebok+&t0=

5. Diptyque Candles http://www.smarter.com/search.php?q=diptyque+candles&t0=

6. Saeco Magic Espresso Machine http://www.smarter.com/search.php?q=cappuccino+maker&t0=

7. Bosca Nappa Leather Photo Cover Diary http://www.smarter.com/clothing___accessories-30/product/-168827/

8. 1-800 Flowers Valentines Day Roses & More http://www.smarter.com/flowersgourmetgifts-34/category/-181/

9. Personalized Picture Frame http://www.smarter.com/search.php?q=personalized+picture+frame&t0=

10. Chocolate Covered Strawberries http://www.smarter.com/search.php?q=CHOCOLATE-COVERED+STRAWBERRIES+GIFT+BOX+- +2+DZN&t0=

Smarter.com’s “Be Mine” Top 10 List for Him

1. Sony PSP PlayStation Portable http://www.smarter.com/videogames/product.php?chid=10&prodid=10721&q=psp

2. Samsung DVDL70 – 7″ LCD Portable DVD Player http://www.smarter.com/sa_product.php?prodid=322096315&q=Samsung+DVDL70

3. Grigioperla Silk Boxers http://www.barenecessities.com/product.asp?pf_id=Grigioperla0023902&source=Sma rter&term=Grigioperla0023902

4. Montblanc Nobelesse Oblige Rollerball Pen http://www.smarter.com/search.php?q=Montblanc+Nobelesse+Oblige+Rollerball&t0=

5. Canon PowerShot SD550 Digital Camera http://www.smarter.com/photography-6/product/- 31527/q=Canon+PowerShot+SD550/chid=6&

6. Colibri Money Clip http://www.smarter.com/search.php?q=Colibri+Money+Clip&t0=

7. Gucci Tie http://www.smarter.com/search.php?q=Gucci+Tie&t0=

8. Forzieri Cufflinks http://www.smarter.com/search.php?pt=1&t0=0&attrbid=257713&c=30010103&q=cuffli nks=

9. PI Cologne for Men by Givenchy http://www.smarter.com/search.php?q=pi+cologne&t0=

10. Great Sports Memorabilia from His Favorite Sports Team http://www.smarter.com/search.php?pt=1&t0=0&c=12060300&q=sports+memorabilia