SmallRivers, specialized in the development of distributed web services, just launched its new service. It allows content editors and bloggers to clip an intelligent micro-code on their content, providing their viewers with immediate access to related content and blog discussions published elsewhere on the web, as well as the possibility to interact with the viewers of these other sites; all without ever leaving the initial site.

In this age of the “social web”, we believe interconnecting related content found across multiple sites and blogs can be a powerful and pertinent socializing element. Bringing people together based on shared interests.

A SmallRivers “portable content network” enables the transient gathering of distant communities and audiences around shared content, regardless of where they are located on the web. We see in this new content-based networking paradigm a strong added value for both end-users, by enriching the pertinence of their browsing experience, and content editors, by making their content more widely available on other sites.

We already benefit from the support of several international organizations and NGOs ; the very first to initiate such networks is WWF International. This service is also open to any content editor and connects to every type of content.