Siebel Systems, Inc. today announced the release of Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.7, a new version of its industry-leading marketing application suite. With this release, Siebel delivers the first intelligence-driven end-to-end marketing solution, one that infuses analytics at every step to drive more intelligent interactions, uniquely guides the marketer through key tasks based on embedded best practices, and connects all marketing users throughout the enterprise to drive superior marketing performance across the full marketing life cycle.

Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite provides a complete closed-loop solution that helps organizations acquire more profitable customers, cross-sell and up-sell more effectively, retain valued customers longer, and improve the effectiveness of the entire marketing process. Building on leading capabilities, Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.7 incorporates breakthrough innovations and enhancements, including a new loyalty program management solution; marketing planning and resource management capabilities; advanced segmentation capabilities; unique interactive, guided assistance; and a new insight-driven architecture built on Siebel Systems’ market-leading analytics platform.

Developed to Address Marketing Challenges

The effectiveness of traditional marketing is declining as brand loyalty erodes, regulations and consumer expectations increase, and channels proliferate. At the same time, marketers are being asked to do more with less and to justify every dollar spent. However, many marketers are unable to measure the effectiveness of their spending and continue to waste time and money due to ineffective processes, siloed applications, and the disconnect between marketing and execution channels. In addition, while marketers have access to an abundance of data, they typically can gain only limited insight from that data. In the 2003 Benchmark Study by the Marketing Leadership Council, marketing executives reported that 20 percent of their marketing spending is wasted and that the majority cannot calculate the ROI for over 50 percent of their budget.

“Our vision is to empower all users with customer and business insights that lead to more compelling products and intelligent interactions with customers while helping marketing become more effective, accountable, and customer-driven,” said Dan Lackner, Vice President and General Manager, Marketing Automation Products, Siebel Systems. “Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.7 was developed with extensive input from customers, prospects, and industry experts and addresses the diverse needs of marketers across a broad range of industries and business models. It reflects a new approach to marketing applications that seeks to help every employee understand and serve customers better and enable new interaction and marketing strategies that deliver more value to customers and higher ROI to the enterprise.”

Intelligent Marketing Links Insight to Execution

Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.7 delivers breakthrough innovations and enhancements that enable intelligent marketing across the entire marketing life cycle. Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.7 is built on an open and scalable analytics-driven platform that can efficiently and intelligently access multiple complex data sources simultaneously for customer analytics, segmentation and targeting, content personalization, and measurement and reporting. Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.7 is the only complete, closed-loop enterprise marketing solution that offers industry-specific marketing functionality across a full range of marketing processes for banking, insurance, communications, high technology, life sciences, consumer goods, and travel and hospitality. Unlike other products, Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.7 embeds role-based analytics accessible to any user at every step of the process to fuse insight and execution and provide real-time visibility into marketing performance. It is the first marketing product to provide interactive assistance that guides users through key tasks and enforces best practices. It also uniquely ensures tight integration between marketing, the contact center, sales, and partner channels to dramatically improve organizational alignment and optimize lead management.

“Global 2000 organizations are seeking to replace stovepiped marketing applications with comprehensive enterprise marketing management (EMM) solutions that support the entire marketing process and allow them to reduce customer attrition and more effectively market across every stage of the customer life cycle,” said Liz Roche, Vice President, Technology Research Services, META Group, Inc. “With Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.7, Siebel extends its EMM vision by delivering new levels of usability and expanded functionality that will address the needs of both direct (B2B and B2C) and indirect (B2B2C) marketers across industries.”

Complete Marketing Suite Adds New Loyalty and Marketing Resource Management (MRM) Applications

Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.7 includes major new products and significant enhancements, including:

—New Loyalty Program Management Application—Siebel Loyalty 7.7 introduces the first packaged and fully integrated approach to manage the complete loyalty program life cycle across multiple channels. It delivers a single view of the customer and supports key business processes, including loyalty member enrollment and management, points accrual and redemption, promotions management, and loyalty partner management. Siebel Loyalty 7.7 allows organizations to accelerate the design and execution of precisely targeted loyalty promotions that drive the desired behavior of high-value customers, while dramatically improving the customer experience and the ROI of their loyalty programs.

—Insight-Driven Architecture—Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.7 is built on and shares metadata with the functionally rich, architecturally superior Siebel Enterprise Analytics Platform. This enables marketers to seamlessly use fact-based insights from all enterprise data to plan, execute, monitor, and refine marketing programs. The Siebel Enterprise Analytics Platform provides for the highest levels of scalability, performance, and reliability necessary for even the largest B2C enterprises with many millions of customers.

—New Marketing Planning Resource Management Applications—The addition of Siebel Marketing Resource Management helps organizations strategically plan, measure, and optimize their marketing spending and collaborate to accelerate time to market. Siebel MRM provides a common platform for managing marketing operations across brands and regions to provide greater visibility, accountability, and compliance. It automates key processes, including planning, budgeting and expense management, market development fund management, approvals, program management and collaboration, enterprise marketing calendaring, content management, and reporting.

—Advanced Segmentation Capabilities Accessible by Any User—Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.7 includes a new visual segmentation tool that helps every marketer—from occasional users to professionals with the most complex requirements—to understand past behaviors, predict future opportunities, and deliver more relevant dialogues with customers synchronized across multiple channels. Its highly interactive drag-and-drop user interface enables users to create precisely targeted segments based on demographic, attitudinal, and behavioral data within or external to Siebel. Users can leverage powerful, integrated data mining and predictive analytics to apply the right treatment to the right audience while enforcing global suppressions and permission rules.

—Enhanced Dialogue Marketing—Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.7 includes an enhanced visual designer that makes it easier to create multistage, multichannel scheduled or trigger-based programs that significantly improve marketing ROI. Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.7 allows marketers to define, detect, and act on events based on data within or external to Siebel.
—New Wireless Marketing and Enhanced Email—Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.7 allows marketers to cost-effectively increase their reach by providing new support for SMS wireless messaging. The release also provides more scalable and enhanced permission-based email marketing that helps marketers deliver more relevant email messages while respecting customer preferences and reducing costs.

—Enhanced Events Management—Organizations across many industries, including high technology, financial services, and consumer goods, rely on marketing events such as seminars and conferences to generate leads and build awareness. Siebel Events Management 7.7 includes new capabilities and enhancements that enable marketers to more easily plan, promote, and execute high-quality marketing events that increase ROI and build superior brand equity.

—New Interactive Guided Assistance and User Interface Improvements—Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.7 fully leverages iHelp, Siebel Systems’ unique context-sensitive interactive assistance that guides application navigation and usage according to best practices and a person’s role, helps occasional users accomplish unfamiliar tasks, and accelerates user adoption. Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.7 supports reusable templates for goals; campaigns; and multistage, multichannel customer dialogues. With iHelp, reusable templates, and extensive user interface improvements, users can get up and running quickly, ensuring that they follow best-practice processes as they go.

Customers Benefit from New, Enhanced Functionality

L’Oreal, the world’s largest cosmetic company, is focused on maximizing brand loyalty and revenue per sale. To support these goals, the company recently launched a CRM initiative aimed at reengineering its consumer marketing processes and systems. As a first step, L’Oreal has implemented Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.7 and Analytics in two of its Luxury business units. The Siebel solution has helped L’Oreal gain a deeper understanding of its consumers, segment its customer base by demographic and buying patterns, and improve the efficiency and ROI of its campaigns. “Siebel is the solution we have found that will allow us to manage an end-to-end process from consumer analysis and segmentation to creation, execution, and measurement of the success of marketing campaigns,” said Georges Edouard Dias, Strategic Business Development Division, L’Oreal.

Leading systems integrators are enthusiastic about the enhanced product. “At Deloitte Consulting LLP, we focus on helping our clients improve business performance and shareholder value. Our CRM practice enables our clients to drive maximum effectiveness from their marketing operations,” said Paul Clemmons, Principal, and leader of Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Marketing Solutions Practice. “Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.7 has been designed to help organizations more effectively control and account for their marketing spending while improving the relevancy and impact of their customer interactions. We look forward to assisting our clients take marketing to a new level with Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.7.”

In addition, global leaders across all industries have selected Siebel Systems to support their marketing requirements, including 3Com Corporation; Abbey; AMP Financial Services; AXA Financial; Co-Operative Insurance Society Limited; Countrywide; Eli Lilly & Company; HP; IBM Corporation; Informatica Corporation; Itron, Inc.; L’Oreal; MCI Worldcom International Limited; Novartis; Nykredit A/S; Pitney Bowes, Inc.; and Vodafone Telecel Comunicacoes Pessoais, S.A.

Enhancements Improve Usability and Lower TCO

In developing Siebel 7.7 and Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.7, the Siebel development teams focused on improving user interaction with applications by simplifying common actions, streamlining navigation, enhancing the appearance and readability of data, and providing embedded role-based guidance.

Total cost of ownership (TCO) was also a major focus in developing the underlying Siebel 7.7 platform. The design and engineering teams focused on driving costs out of installation, configuration, integration, and operation and making the software faster, easier, and less costly to implement and maintain. Siebel Systems estimates that the cumulative result is a 39 percent reduction in overall TCO as compared to previous Siebel releases. These and other TCO enhancements make Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.7 the most cost-effective marketing solution available today.

Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite 7.7 is available today. For more information on the Siebel Enterprise Marketing Suite, please visit